LuckyCharms (1,638 posts)

Fuckface is making me tired.

So damn tired.

I get pissed off when I am tired.

You know who else is making me tired?

These inbreds who say "Yeah, but look at all the good he is doing"?

No, fuck right off with that shit. He is just telling you he is doing good. You are an adult. You should be able to see through his bullshit, but you can't. Just like a child can't. You have no reasoning skills, just like a very very young young child. You need an authority figure to "guide" a child does. So all of this "doing good" stuff, and all of this "he tells it like it is" can shut up about that shit, because you're pissing me off. Fuckers.
Laughing out loud. What this idiot is mad about is that others have valid opinions and beliefs that do not align with his/hers. He/she cannot stand it that others have critical thinking skills, use them and they don't align with the leftist view. And what seems to make these kinds of people really mad is that they are unable to shame or coheres them to think, do and vote the liberal way.

There's nothing more narcissistic and authoritarian than to declare that your opinion is the only one that is allowed, and the only one that is valid.

onecaliberal (10,267 posts) 1. Theyre too stupid to generate an original thought they have no clue what dump is doing.
Laffy Kat (6,926 posts)

2. You may want to mention to the inbreds, that the new jobs numbers haven't been...

This low since our last repug. president in 2008. It portends upcoming disaster. We are starting to see major retail closures presently. It portends disaster.
BigmanPigman (9,471 posts)

4. I NEVER QUOTE ANY BUSH, until now.

Jeb told reporters 8 months ago that this presidency is EXHAUSTING! It IS! The Fucking Moron lives for stress and chaos. If there isn't any he will create it on purpose to be a spectator. He is a sick mother! His base wanted him to cause havoc. They got their wish and now the entire country is suffering due to their idiotic lack of rational when choosing a fake prez with their emotions instead of brains.
I could use less crazy, less anxiety and a decent night's sleep for the first time since Nov. 8, 2016.
Ever watched a child having a temper tantrum? What do they often do after the stop yelling screaming and kicking their legs and arms? That's right. They sleep. Temper tantrums are tiring.

Considering the constant temper tantrums and the insistence that it they just do X they WILL CHANGE the minds of conservatives and they hammer it over and over again I'm surprised these kinds of idiots aren't comatose.