RKP5637 (49,505 posts)

Do the republicans in congress have the guts to stand up to Trump, or do they passively agree

with what he said. I think it's the latter.
None of the above, sh!thole. It confirms the knowledge that Democrats are assh*les that are continuing to have temper tantrum after temper tantrum and cannot STAND it that they are in the minority. Sh!tholes like the Democrats respond to losing by acting like sulky vengeful children with a scorched earth mentality who then think that when they are in power that 'it will all go back to normal'.

Democrats/liberals are acting like banana republic counties or communists as they do everything they can to try to overturn an election that they lost by any means necessary.

It says MUCH MORE about DEMOCRATS than it does President Trump or Republicans.

Irish_Dem (5,094 posts)

5. They are racist, but they don't really like or respect Americans in general.

They think we are immoral, waste money, and drink a lot.
(Sen Grassley made that clear, and I think he speaks for the GOP)

But the bottom line, the only thing the GOP cares about is money/power.
The rest is immaterial to them.
It's not the Republicans who are intent on overturning an election they lost. Sh!thole Democrats/liberal only care about power, and their actions PROVE it over and over and over again.