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  1. #1 The Truth About Oprah 
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    Opie gets exposed as the FREAKING LYING HYPOCRITE!

    She hobnobbed with Mr. Weinstein for many years, despite he being long known for his sexual misbehavior. Now she made a big show of being outraged about the very man she was on very friendly terms with. Even the GALL to be a part of a group going after sexual predators, something she long knew existed.

    She also tried hard to rehabilitate Bill Clinton, despite his well known rapist, groping past.

    This you Tube shows what scumbag she is:
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    She has almost as many skeletons in her closet as does a mummy collector.

    Just tell friends talking the Oprah silliness to Google "oprah weinstein pictures" and select "Images". Oprah should have been wearing a T-shirt saying, "I knew but was silent!" at the Golden Globes.
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    Winfrey started-out as the poor man's Phil Donahue.

    Nothing's really changed that much, personality-wise. I think her book-club thing, attracting conservative women and lib women, generated the ad-revenue that built her fortune. Pre-internet. Too busy to read a current book? Watch Winfrey.

    But that concept was jettisoned in the mid-90's when she embraced the clinktons. Bye-bye, conservative women.
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    What Democrats , Liberals , Progressives , SJWs and all the other critters on the Left want is someone to make them feel good ... nothing else.

    Look at the comments on Haiti, the country is a shithole and everyone knows it. But The Left is up in arms , not because the country isn't a shithole , but because someone said the truth. Pretending the truth is not the truth doesn't do anything or help anyone.

    And that's what we got with this Oprah thing,; its all about feeling good then doing good.
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