Glenn Simpson and the intelligence firm he founded, Fusion GPS, have presented themselves as disinterested researchers when it comes to their role in the Trump dossier and the 2016 election. But Simpson’s recently released testimony shows that at the same time he was encouraging the FBI to investigate Trump, he was actively trying to steer the FBI away from further investigation of the Clintons.

In his August 2017 testimony before Congress, Glenn Simpson admits Christopher Steele reached out to the FBI following the reopening of the Hillary Clinton email investigation in October 2016. Steele and Simpson had previously contacted the FBI regarding material they had collected on the Trump campaign — a project with no other direct tie to the Clinton investigation. Simpson claims the reopening of the Clinton probe sparked concerns on his part that the FBI was “being manipulated for political ends” by pro-Trump entities (Simpson testimony, p 179).

Yet it was Steele (with Simpson’s knowledge) who handed Clinton-funded opposition research to the FBI and then, as Simpson admits, reached out again to investigators to cast doubt on the Clinton investigation: