This ultrarunner’s career just went to s–t.
Kelly Agnew, an avid ultramarathon competitor, was stripped of some of his titles after an investigation revealed that he was hiding in a Port-a-Potty to win races.
The 45-year-old was disqualified at Across the Years, a fixed-time event in Arizona that takes place every new year, when he was spotted “registering laps without running the complete loop of the course,” according to a Facebook post Wednesday from race organizers.
He’s won the 48-hour race four times since his first medal in 2014 for running 201.5 miles in the 48-hour limit.
Officials said they were first suspicious of his performances after he won the 48-hour race by more than 55 miles in 2015 — even though he stopped running seven hours before it ended — and decided to track him during the multi-day looped course in Phoenix.
it's about time we ban runners from these shitholes!