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    The Whole World Is Watching

    The world is watching – and it can’t believe what it’s seeing.

    The world is listening – and it doesn’t want to believe what it’s hearing.

    The world is wondering where our values are, and where our hearts lie.

    The world is questioning our morality, and our commitment to our own principles.

    The world is waiting to hear us say, as a country and as a people, that Donald “Shithole” Trump is not only NOT representative of who we are, but actually represents everything we, as Americans, abhor.

    The whole world is listening – and the people denouncing Donald “Shithole” Trump are Democrats.

    Republicans are silent. Very silent. Deafeningly silent.

    Doesn’t that say everything that needs saying – loudly and clearly?
    So what if the President said a 'bad word'. Nance should be more concerned about a world that is watching and beginning to see how the US reacts/responds to corruption within the government. Corrupt Democrats like the Clintons who used their position of power to rake in money in pay to play politics. And a corrupt FBI, IRS and other government entities that were turned into political weapons to use against opponents rather than non partisan entities that work for the benefit of all. The corruption is coming out for all to see.

    And the Democrats are silent. Very silent. Deafeningly silent. And yes, that says everything that needs saying, loudly and clearly.

    Kablooie (13,717 posts)

    3. Still approx 80% of Republicans support him.

    They are totally without any morals, values or shame.
    I hope this will sink into the publics consciousness soon.
    Awwww. They think we should be "ashamed" because THEY tell us we should be ashamed that we are not voting for who they tell us to vote for, think the way they tell us to think and believe what they tell us to believe. Narcissistic bigots all.
    still_one (55,561 posts) 4. What has trump done to help the poor, both here and abroad? What has he done to help the lives of

    the disabled, improve the lives of women, minorities, etc.?

    Doesn't his tweets speak for themselves, and what does it mean when republicans are silent, or even excuse them?
    It isn't hard to find out how much he has helped the above groups already, but there is no point in detailing them. It's been done over and over again and isn't hard to find. But haters will hate and will deliberately refuse to see the obvious.
    world wide wally (11,620 posts)

    6. We are choosing up sides now once and for all..... WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON?
    The winning side. The side that desires to lift all up, not keep them in poverty so they continue to vote for "us".
    pressbox69 (1,131 posts)

    9. They are a cancer in the heart of America.

    Like all cancers the republicans need to be removed so that America can heal.
    How Hitlerian, Maoist, and Pot Polist of you.
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    I just talked to the whole world, Nance. It has better things to do than what your distilled spirits bottle told you the world sees, thinks, and does.
    Facts don't matter to DUpipo.

    BIG CHEETO Is Watching You!

    Note to "Warpy" and "shockey80": I voted for Donald Trump! I would do so again!
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    Wow! Nance must have been really
    loaded, that screed is pretty short!!!

    Sorry Nance, a shithole is a shithole, leave
    it to you Libtards to try and make them
    look any different.

    And make no mistake, it's only because
    they hate Trump. Most probably agree
    on the "shithole" concept.
    May the FORCE be with you!
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