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  1. #1 Senate Intelligence Committee not given access to Nunes FISA memo 
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    Senate Intelligence Committee not given access to Nunes FISA memo

    Source: CNN

    By Jeremy Herb and Manu Raju, CNN

    Updated 4:22 PM ET, Wed January 24, 2018

    Washington (CNN)Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr's staff has not been given access to a classified memo drafted by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, a sign of how closely House Republicans are guarding allegations of Justice Department wrongdoing over surveillance activities in the Russia investigation.

    According to three sources familiar with the matter, Burr's staff requested a copy of the memo and has been denied, just as the FBI and Justice Department have also been denied reviewing a copy of the document. The memo is based on highly classified intelligence that only a select group of House and Senate lawmakers have accessed.

    Indeed, the memo was drafted by Nunes, R-California, and his staff, as the chairman weighs whether to hold a committee vote as early as next week calling for the memo's public release.

    The four-page Nunes memo alleges that the FBI withheld information from the FISA court judge who approved warrants on Donald Trump's team, including former campaign foreign policy adviser Carter Page, CNN has reported.

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    1. Maybe it's hidden in Al Capone's secret vault

    This is the most hyped bullshit in a long time. It's so great! It's ironclad! GAME changing!

    Well let's see it. Oh no you can't see it!
    C_U_L8R (24,551 posts)

    2. So... who's the real Secret Society here... hmmm??
    LOL. So if Nunez is supposed to show information from his investigation then Muller should as well, right?

    No. He's not obligated to show it to anyone until he/they are ready to.
    BlueIdaho (5,323 posts)

    3. Nunes memo about to backfire big time.

    The Nunes “memo” is nothing but a fantasy fabricated from a pack of lies so easily debunked he doesn’t dare let anyone see it. That fucker belongs in jail.
    Democrats are hoping that is the case.

    Dem4eva (14 posts)

    8. no shit....

    treasonous scum bag from hell. Hate his guts. He's as bad as Trump, Pence, Ryan, McConnel, Gowdy, etc....
    Meaning he's a Republican that dares go against what Democrats want.
    chelsea0011 (9,850 posts)

    9. If that memo had anything in it, we would have heard about it's contents by now
    bluestarone (1,740 posts)
    Gothmog (47,707 posts)

    11. If anyone reads this piece of crap, they will know that Nunes is lying
    bluestarone (1,740 posts)

    13. amazes me how

    they continue to OBSTRUCT!! and get away with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Not showing an memo that relates to the FBI and DOJ that an investigation by an individual is ....... obstruction? Not likely.


    imanamerican63 (4,013 posts)

    Could Burr hold Nunes in contempt for.....

    not releasing that so called memo?
    Gothmog (47,707 posts)

    2. They are co-equal branches but I suppose that the Senate could issue a subpoena
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    Well expect more of this...

    Americans were promised, in 19 days, the memo would be released. As the days go... so shall the volume of those... hoisted on their own petards.... just sayin'.....
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    Yawwwwwwwwwwn. Two words: So what? Three more words: Selective Democrat leaks.
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