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  1. #1 House Intel Dems to release separate memo countering GOP claims 
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    House Intel Dems to release separate memo countering GOP claims

    Source: The Hill

    BY JOSH DELK - 01/24/18 04:18 PM EST

    The House Intelligence Committee's top Democrat announced Wednesday that the committee will release a memo to counter the claims of Republicans on the panel that law enforcement officials are biased against the Trump administration.

    Top Republicans on the committee, led by Chairman Devin Nunes (Calif.), have sought the release of a classified memo compiled by Nunes's staff saying the FBI and Justice Department abused the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act by ordering a wiretap on a Trump campaign adviser.

    Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), the panel's ranking member, now says Democrats must release their own memo "setting out the relevant facts and exposing the misleading character of the Republicans’ document" and to clear the air.

    Schiff called the Republican memo "another effort to distract from the Russia probe and undermine the special counsel."

    Read more:

    GOP fuels ‘secret society’ talk with FBI text messages

    BY JONATHAN EASLEY - 01/24/18 04:22 PM EST

    Republicans are floating the idea that FBI and Department of Justice officials formed a “secret society” that held meetings in which they plotted to undermine President Trump and his administration.

    Two FBI agents accused by Republicans of harboring anti-Trump bias exchanged text messages, one of which mentioned a “secret society” — possibly as a private joke.

    The message, first described by House Oversight Committee chairman Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) and Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Texas), lacks context and the lawmakers have admitted that they don't know for sure what it means. But the term has caught fire in conservative media and Republicans have promoted the text as a potentially explosive development, implying it confirms suspicions that the FBI gave Hillary Clinton an election-year pass but remain hell-bent on bringing charges against Trump.

    Liberals claim Republicans are selectively leaking out-of-context text messages, irresponsibly fueling an elaborate conspiracy theory meant to undermine special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into whether Trump campaign officials coordinated with Russians to influence the 2016 election.

    Eliot Rosewater (11,031 posts) 1. There is a secret society, sort of, the NY FBI office which is vehemently pro trump, anti clinton

    BTW, what the GOP reps are doing is anti American and they are laying the ground work for the idiot followers to start shooting patriots.
    Like the unhinged liberal who shot the Republicans as they practiced baseball for a charity event? Note it was a LIBERAL who targeted REPUBLICANS. Like the liberal ANTIFA members who beat up and even choke conservatives?

    Control-Z (12,845 posts)

    4. Everything the republicans accuse us of

    is something they've done, are doing, or want to do. The evil plots they dream up come from their own sick, criminal minds.

    Seriously. This is a perfect example.

    Republicans are floating the idea that FBI and Department of Justice officials formed a “secret society” that held meetings in which they plotted to undermine President Trump and his administration.

    So, who actually held meetings to undermine a President? Who plotted to sabotage Obama and make him a one term president?

    Anything Nunes or Rep Pin Head is involved in needs to be questioned and considered possibly criminal on their part.
    As if Republicans holding a meeting and saying, "We need to oppose the Democrat President's liberal agenda." is the same as a group of individuals in the intelligence community USING their position to fix it so Hillary gets off and isn't charged for her criminal corrupt acts and claiming collusion to try to get a legitimately elected President impeached.

    yurbud (38,746 posts)

    8. What "plot" is necessary? Trump's crimes are in the public record

    it's just a matter of picking which to go after first.
    His "crimes" are nothing but liberal lore. It is what liberals believe with no evidence. It's based on hatred not facts.

    Gothmog (47,707 posts)
    3. I am looking forward to seeing this memo
    rso (151 posts)

    5. Memo

    Nunes even refused to give a copy of the “memo” to Richard Burr, Republican Chair of the Senate Intel Committee, who asked for a copy. Nunes may well be acting as a Russian agent, and it’s time dems state publicly that Nunes is doing Putin’s work.
    And because he won't show it now it means............he's a Russian agent? LOL

    BobTheSubgenius (1,921 posts)
    6. How in the name of human decency can Nunes make a claim like THAT???

    Useless, pitiful toad is the head of the committee investigating someone he clearly idolizes.

    "After a thorough and non-partisan investigation, the committee finds that Mr. Dotard is squeaky clean and innocent and totally not guilty. And I'm not just saying that because I'm having his baby."
    Oh, the ignorance....

    Nunez didn't investigate Trump. That isn't what his investigation was about.

    Perseus (694 posts)

    7. Democrats need to make a push to start investigating Nunes

    what is he hiding? why is so desperate to divert attention and dirty the investigation?
    Because it was and is "dirty". And the memo with the supporting evidence will show the corruption of the Obama Admin., DOJ, FBI and Clinton. It will show how they politicized the DOJ and the FBI and used them to spy on a political opponent and tried to get him impeached using phony 'intelligence'.

    Democrats will rue the day they began screaming TRUMP/RUSSIA COLLUSION and put a big spotlight on their corruption.
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    Go for it! Release the source documents so the public can see who the liars and spinners are ... and before that happens, see who opposes the public being thus informed.
    Facts don't matter to DUpipo.

    BIG CHEETO Is Watching You!

    "Handmaid's Tale" is Christian-Bashing Hate Speech
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