In what would be an apropos capper on a week when the NFL refused to allow a veteranís group to run a patriotic ad in the Super Bowl program and further appeased the kneelers with a new SJW program, a report indicates that the league is trying to force a team to sign Colin Kaepernick.

The scruffy former San Francisco 49er quarterback was the root of all evil and the NFLís refusal to discipline him in 2016 for disrespecting the national anthem proved to be an unmitigated disaster as he became a martyr to race-obsessed agitators.

Despite the ongoing drop in ratings due to turning off millions of fans, the league may believe that all will be fine again if the suits impose their will on a team and essentially force it to sign Kaepernick.

As we reported right here at Downtrend earlier this month, the activist group the Fritz Pollard Alliance accused the Raiders of violating the Rooney Rule for rushing to hire new head coach Jon Gruden before obligatory kissing the ass of at least one African-American candidate.