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  1. #1 Trump and the Racist Wing of the Republican Party Don't Realize Something 
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    There's nothing that shows the ignorance, the hate, the unhinged bigotry and/or the politicization of an issue than declaring/believing that immigration issues are all about "making America white again".

    MineralMan (103,192 posts) Trump and the Racist Wing of the Republican Party Don't Realize Something

    It's too late. Changing immigration policies will have no effect on the diversity of the United States. That ship left port a long time ago on a one-way voyage, and will not be returning. White people are already no longer the majority in some of our states, and it's not illegal or undocumented immigrants who have made that happen.

    That is already the case, and nothing any US administration can do will change what has already become reality. To attempt to Make America White Again is a cosmic waste of time. It's not white. It hasn't been white for a very long time, and there's not a damned thing Trump and his racist buddies can do about it.

    I suggest that they find something else to get bothered about. They're just wasting their time.
    HopeAgain (1,998 posts)

    1. Who says they want to stop with immigration?

    We all know where racism taken to its inevitable conclusion goes...
    The only people talking about genocide are the liberals declaring that Republicans want it and liberals who want it against conservatives/Republicans.
    MineralMan (103,192 posts)
    4. Trump is a passing fancy.

    We have it in our power to make it pass sooner than you might think. All we have to do is come together and bring others with us.

    What Trump and his racist supporters want is not necessarily what will happen. It's our decision, if we're willing to make it.
    HopeAgain (1,998 posts)

    14. I hope you are right

    And I agree with you about it's too late to achieve what they want through immigration (I'm in South Florida) and about getting involved.

    What I am concerned with is the global nature of these nationalist/racist movements and the fact that the momentum for these movements seem to be about a lot more than just Donald Trump. I would not be at all surprised if Macron is replaced by Le Pen, for example. White nationalist movements are on the rise in the U.S., France, Germany, Poland and who knows where else?
    Ohiogal (584 posts)

    2. You are right

    but, in my experience, the racists in the GOP are exceptionally bothered by the belief that illegal immigrants are getting some sort of special monetary benefits, welfare, Medicaid, etc. that white people are not getting. Even the idea of an English language tutor in schools bothers them. They have this notion that illegals are draining our economy getting all this "free stuff" that they keep talking about.
    It's NOT about RACE it's about ILLEGAL vs. LEGAL. But for liberals EVERYTHING is about RACE and SKIN COLOR.

    The Velveteen Ocelot (57,104 posts)

    3. Isn't the "racist wing" pretty much the whole GOP now,

    whether intentionally or by acquiescence?
    kydo (2,452 posts)

    25. Maybe that's not the real end game. Keeping USA white is dead but having whites in complete

    control of everything might be the goal. Real in your face control. Like jim crow days apartheid control. Like white americans are the only real ones. They get the cards that say first class citizen. Everyone else is second class labor force. Its sad, wrong and bull shit. However maybe that is what they want. They just know saying it makes them evil. So they try to disguise it as something else.
    Democrats/liberals have to stir the hate because they would NEVER win another election if Black and the White poor people begin to vote for the Republicans knowing that Democrats are determined to keep many of them poor and dependent on Democrats for their votes.
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    Ben Carson

    Elaine Chao

    Nikki Haley
    Facts don't matter to DUpipo.

    BIG CHEETO Is Watching You!

    "Handmaid's Tale" is Christian-Bashing Hate Speech
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