The Swedish version of the Patriot act was passed today. Protestors were numerous, peaceful and loud. The law will grant a department within our DOD the right to scan all signals that go through cable over the border of the nation. In practice this means that big brother is watching the internet, reading our mail and looking at us through our webcams (most of the internet traffic goes across the border of our small country).

The law was originally written by the former leftist majority, but the opposition and some non-party-loyal voters of our congress made sure the proposition would never become fact.

Two years later, our government is right-wing. Unfortunately the reds weren't the only ones who forgot which side's which; the leftist wildly protested and voted against the law which they wrote two years ago while the right-wing voted and passed the law by majority.

The few congressmen of the right-wing that has protested and signalled that they would vote no had the law loosely modified to contain a few sentences (irrelevant in practice) that imply that the government should take great concern in individual integrity while wire-tapping every citizen of our nation.

Today I stood outside of our parliament and cheered and applaused a communist. He was the one who stood up to liberty today. I can no longer affiliate with the "official" right-wing parties. This fall I will begin to work with a newly founded libertarian/conservative party.

"Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both."

This was said in Congress earlier this week by a member of what used to be called the communist party. The irony of it disgusts me.