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    NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Wednesday left open the possibility that the league could implement a rule in the offseason requiring players to stand for the national anthem.
    "I don’t know what we’ll consider in the offseason," Goodell said at a press conference, according to CBS Boston. "We’re still trying to get through the Super Bowl."
    Goodell's remarks came after Trump alluded to the debate over whether professional athletes should be required to stand for the anthem in his State of the Union address on Tuesday night.
    The president ignited a feud with the NFL in September, after he called on team owners to fire players who kneel in protest during the "Star-Spangled Banner." Trump has said that such demonstrations are disrespectful and that the NFL should pass a rule requiring players to stand during the anthem.
    Goodell said last year that the league believes that players should, in fact, stand for the anthem, but noted that there were no plans to force them to do so.
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    Perhaps he's waiting to see the advertising contract renewals for 2018 season, it won't be pretty I can assure you that. If you notice now all TV coverage is now at a much different angle and they do not show the empty stands and have a more top down angle to the field. I could name just a couple hundred personal veteran friends who turned them off so this is not just a hollow subject, it has a lot of bite taking place thanks to millions of viewers who have had enough of the racist crap and the cops beat me up when they caught me acting like a " " .... It was a great year to turn it off anyway because I don't think I could stand to watch brady handed a victory by some stupid coach from the other team who thought throwing a pass from the 1 yard line was the key to victory.
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    the nfl is feeling the pressure.

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    The NFL will never do it. Too much pressure from the "social justice warriors"
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