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  1. #1 FINALLY!!!! The NYT is putting Trump's tweets where they belong! 
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    FINALLY!!!! The NYT is putting Trump's tweets where they belong!

    In the first section of today's Times, there's a news analysis below the fold on the first page. I didn't see any other Trump stories until page 21!!! Two 6 inch columns in the bottom right hand corner "Trump Says Republican Memo Proves His Innocence on Russia." That's where Trump's baseless, idiotic pronouncements belong, given that the Times has to put it somewhere.

    Has anyone seen evidence of this kind of common sense anywhere else? Oh that the cable stations would follow the Times example. I hope they keep it up!
    Well that's not surprising. They've done everything else to shield Hillary, the FBI, DOJ and the Obama Administration from anyone telling the truth about the corruption. Now that more of the truth is coming out they will be sure to hide the truth. It will continue to come out though.

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    1. Great news

    I hope broadcast news (cable) can find a way to minimize their coverage as well.
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    2. Finally!

    A case of crying wolf too many times is starting to take place I think w/ this guy's tweets and/or other nonsense (tRUMP)...I am getting sick of this guy's nonsense in governing (lack of) and mouthing off. It rather gets tiresome...
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    3. LA Times ALSO today! My husband likes to read

    their "enewspaper" version of the print edition, and their coverage of his attempt to use their paper to spread lies was on page 14 on the bottom right.

    Very good, both of you.
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    5. Yay!!! Sounds like the professionals may be talking to one another. nt
    Sounds like collusion to me.
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    4. Ignore Trump It Will Infuriate Him....

    Pay him no attention. He needs to be the center of attention. Without it - this his lifeblood - you'll really see some crazy tweets. He might even embarrass himself.
    There's nothing he could do to embarrass himself more than what the liberals/Democrats have done to embarrass themselves with their delusions and unhinged beliefs and behaviors since President Trump was elected.
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    Carlos Slim is not a fan of the President.
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