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    I noticed that remark about the entire apparatus being dedicated to making Trump look good. I guess next will be how Hollywood has Trump's back too.
    If a reporter isn't calling Trump "Hitler", DU thinks that reporter is too "Pro-Trump".
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    The only thing they have in common is a hatred toward white men. If they would come together with a unifying message, I could almost get behind it. But, they don't have one. Trump did have one.

    Every time I meet a people that are against white men, I see that they have nothing in common with one another except for that.

    So, if you break down the 'white male' culture, what are you replacing it with? At least figure that out first please because I don't think they will even like what they are creating or not creating.

    And a world where pot is legal and everyone is polysexual and genderfluid does not interest me whether I'm a white male, black woman, or Muslim. It doesn't! And it certainly doesn't interest most black men I've met and you had better believe Muslims aren't behind that!
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