I found this bit very interesting . . . .
During the question and answer session after the screening, what most set off Mr. Wallace was a pronouncement by Mr. Reston (the son of the New York Times columnist and openly Nixon hating former researcher for Frost) that the film was "a metaphor for George W. Bush."

As he has stated, against the pleas of his wife to remain silent, Mr. Wallace asked for a microphone to refute what he believed to be a ridiculous and biased statement. "To compare George W. Bush to Richard Nixon is to trivialize Nixon's crimes and is a disservice to Bush," said Mr. Wallace. "Richard Nixon's crimes were committed solely for his own political gain, whereas George W. Bush was trying to protect the American people." Mr. Wallace then reminded the panel that Mr. Bush must have done something right after 9/11 as, over seven years later, "we are all sitting here tonight so comfortably."

Therein lies a very important point. For much of the left, it's imperative to their narrative that they never admit Mr. Bush has done anything right. While they have taken him to task time and again for "never admitting his mistakes," the irony is lost on them that they can't admit to his successes. Even those that protect them and their loved ones.

As if to underline the loathing of Mr. Bush and the denial of any of his success, "Historian" Mr. Dallek predictably suggested to Mr. Wallace that while, thanks to the Watergate tapes, Mr. Nixon's crimes were well documented, we would have to wait until such documentation on Mr. Bush emerged before his sins would become more apparent. Mr. Wallace again became frustrated that a "historian" would utter such an ignorant and biased statement and said, "You make suppositions on no facts whatsoever." To which Mr. Dallek incredulously replied, "Do you read The New York Times?"