A prominent Muslim leader who for years had been denied entry to the United States because of possible terror ties until Hillary Clinton granted him special permission as an outreach to Muslims, now has been accused of rape.

Tariq Ramadan, the grandson of Muslim Brotherhood founder and Hamas founder Hassan al Banna, this week was denied bail by a judge in France.

Ramadan, a professor at Oxford University, was arrested in Paris last week and charged with raping two Muslim women. The first, a 40-year-old disabled Muslim convert, claims Ramadan raped and beat her in the southeastern city of Lyon in 2009. The other, a 41-year-old feminist activist, says Ramadan raped her in Paris in 2012.

Ramadan had been barred from entry to the U.S. along with sociologist Adam Habib.

The State Department explained at the time that both men presented a potential national security threat.

However, Hillary Clinton “went to bat for Ramadan,” noted the Washington watchdog Judicial Watch noted.
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