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  1. #1 National Press Club, Leo, Cort Interview Highlights 
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    National Press Club, Leo, Cort Interview Highlights

    From, Joe Thunder reports on what actually happened during the press conference this afternoon (read the whole thing here):

    I barely know where to begin. OK. Big news for Tues 12-9-08 and Friday 12-1208. Leo Donfrio’s case was denied today, BUT Cort Wrotnowski’s case was distributed for conference by all nine SCOTUS Justices this coming Friday morning. Leo’s legal arguments were a large bases portion of Cort’s. Leo strengthened the arguments in Cort’s case, AND both Leo and Cort are heading to the SCOTUS Tues to file a supplemental brief further strengthening Cort’s case. They will answer questions from the media at the SCOTUS steps at 11:00AM.

    This is far from over. Leo is fired up. Let the media know that Leo and Cort will be there at 11:00 AM Tues.

    And it gets even better - my eyes are still crossed. I attended the most amazing press conference anyone could imagine today. The room was packed overflowing. (It was probably the same room at the National Press Club used by Rev Wright ranting on after Obama didn’t want him too. I’ll try and find out…Poetic isn’t it?.) Philip J. Berg, Esq., Bob Shultz, Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq, and the ever lovable, Pastor James Manning, just SPANKED a room full of press with four big professional vid cams running, etc. Wow. It was hard not to cheer, and Pastor Manning got an ovation even in there!

    I got it on tape.

    You’ll never see this in MSM. We’ll have it produced and posted by Tues early afternoon PST. It’s 90+ minutes. You can see the whole thing.

    Also, the InvestigatingObama blog is giving a great play-by-play on this evening’s Plains Radio Network interview of Leo Donofrio and Cort Wrotnowski on their respective cases. Key quotes include: “Press is avoiding Wrotnowski, while it plays up the denial of Donofrio’s hearing”, and “Adam Liptak of the New York Times is inqiring, also Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune.”

    Update: Jeff Schreiber presents his overview
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    Challenging Obama's Eligibility Only Steps from the White House

    A stone’s throw away from the White House, more than 50 members of the press and curious onlookers alike crowded the intimate Edward R. Murrow Room at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. this afternoon to hear arguments why Barack Obama is constitutionally ineligible to serve as president of the United States.

    The press conference was sponsored by Robert Schulz and his We The People Foundation, both of which just this last week ran an open letter to the former Illinois senator in his hometown Chicago Tribune, appealing to Obama to present for review any and all documentation which will prove his qualification to serve as president pursuant to Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution. Also attending the press conference: Philip Berg, a Pennsylvania attorney who, in August, filed the first lawsuit questioning Obama’s constitutional eligibility; Orly Taitz, a Chechnyan immigrant turned southern California dentist and lawyer who has filed a pair of suits in the Golden State, one of which was on behalf of Ambassador and former GOP presidential candidate Alan Keyes, who ran as the Independent Party’s candidate for president in this past election.; and Rev. James David Manning, chief pastor at the Harlem-based ATLAH World Missionary Church.

    The first to speak was Robert Schulz, noting immediately that the U.S. Supreme Court just a few hours prior had decided not to hear a case filed by New Jersey attorney and professional poker player Leo Donofrio against the NJ Secretary of State regarding constitutional qualifications of not only Barack Obama, but GOP candidate John McCain and Socialist Workers Party candidate Roger Calero as well.

    Donofrio’s success or failure hinged upon the Court’s willingness to take up the definition of the “Natural Born Citizen” clause of the Constitution, as Donofrio argued that Obama in particular could not serve as president regardless of his birthplace because his father was a Kenyan citizen—and therefore a British national in 1961—and dual citizenship ran afoul of our founders’ intent as to who could and should lead their fledgling nation. A decidedly similar case is also currently pending before the Supreme Court and scheduled for conference on December 12 thanks to Justice Antonin Scalia. Wrotnowski v. Bysiewicz, an action essentially designed by Leo Donofrio, is similar to his own failed case, but with added historical perspective.

    Schulz deemed the Court’s decision on Donofrio v. Wells “the latest injury,” cited a “conspiracy of silence” with regards to the individual merits of Donofrio’s case and others, and bundled it together with the adverse decision against self-proclaimed “Internet powerhouse” and “legendary muckraker” Andy Martin in Hawaii and the dismissal of Berg’s case at the district court level in Philadelphia. He also lamented a now widely publicized e-mail response on the eligibility-related issue from Florida Sen. Mel Martinez, who responded to such an inquiry by noting that voters are responsible for vetting candidates at the presidential level and more.

    “Mr. Martinez is wrong,” Schulz said. “He would have us believe that our form of government is a democracy rather than a constitutional republic. It is not too great a burden to demand that one who seeks the office of the president simply produce documents proving his legal eligibility.”

    Schulz stated that “as supreme law of the land, the Constitution is all that stands between freedom and tyranny.” He noted that “the Constitution is not a menu” and that we “do not get to pick and choose” which provisions and guidelines to follow, maintaining that the Natural Born Citizen clause was designed by our founders to “safeguard our nation from outside influence.”

    He also spoke about other deviations from our founding documents, about privacy issues leading to a police state, about illegal immigration, about violations of the tax clause and the Second Amendment, stating that “government has stepped way outside the boundaries which the people and the founders have placed on its power.”

    By the time he abandoned the podium and handed the microphone over to Philip Berg, he had likely surpassed by leaps and bounds the attention span of most in the Murrow Room but, before sitting, left with one last flourish, warning of “widespread political and legal chaos” if the eligibility issue is not addressed.

    “The Obama citizenship issue is so simple that a schoolchild could understand it, but if left to fester, it could lead this nation into a time of peril,” Schulz said. “On January 20th, he will utter an oath to preserve and protect our Constitution, knowing that in doing so, he has violated the very document he is obligated to protect.”

    Philip Berg was next to speak, introduced by Schulz as a “lifelong Democrat” and 20-year member of the NAACP. Upon reaching the podium, Berg wasted no time in getting to the point.

    “Barack Obama is really a phony, and this is the largest hoax perpetrated against the United States in 200 years,” Berg said. “Obama places our Constitution in a crisis situation, and will be able to be blackmailed by other world leaders who know he is not qualified.”

    Berg then reminded those in attendance that his case is currently active and pending at the U.S. Supreme Court, contrary to what a Chicago Tribune article last week had asserted. He also noted that his case is distinguishable from Leo Donofrio’s, later expanding upon the statement and telling America’s Right that while Donofrio’s case was looking to the Court to define the concept of “natural born,” his case was merely before the court to ascertain standing, though he has filed for an injunction to stay the December 15 Electoral College vote pending disposition on his petition for writ of certiorari.

    (NOTE: Check back in the coming day or two for further discussion and analysis of what can be expected for Berg’s case.)

    He also touched upon the audio evidence he has cited elsewhere, the tape of Sarah Obama explaining through an interpreter that she was present at the hospital in Mombasa for the birth of her now-famous grandson, and a tape of a radio morning show prank call to the Kenyan Ambassador, who stated that Obama’s birthplace was somewhat of a landmark in Kenya.

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