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It's better to be pissed off than pissed on. Your candidate lost the election, ours won. Elections have consequences. We don't care what you think anyway.

Us so called deplorables are tired of your liberal/ progressive /socialist bull shit and we showed it at the polls.
So sit down and STFU.
I , fore one won't tell them to sit down and shut up because that's what their side did after Obama was elected.

we believe in Free speech for everyone, they on the other hand don't. We believe that they have a right to their opinion, while they don't think anyone else has a right to theirs.

They've stomped on the flagged, ripped it up , burned it , they've even wiped their ass with it. Fore one you can't claim a flag you've spend decades desecrating, or a nation you both loath and hate.

Polls show that 40% of Americans are Moderate, 40% Conservative and only 20% Liberal, so ' No ' , ProudLib72, your not the majority ( you just think that because of the bubble you live in ).

You want the other side to start burning the flag??? Delusional and stupid is no way to go through life , Son.