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  1. #1 I'm not a woman, so I'm afraid I don't understand 
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    Liberals/Democrats are brainwashed in identity politics. Individuals in the groups THEY claim MUST vote for them and believe the same way they do. If they don't then they are 'racist', 'voting against their own best interest' ie liberal's interest, brainwashed by the church, 'ignorant', 'dumb', etc.

    If you are one of "their" groups there is no such thing as having honest legitimate differences of opinions or political beliefs.

    This thread showcases this front and center.
    louis c (6,406 posts)

    I'm not a woman, so I'm afraid I don't understand

    I've never had sisters. I have never had children. I have a wonderful wife, but she was raised outside of this country and she thinks like me, so she's no help in explaining what I don't understand.

    So, maybe some of you DUers have an explanation.

    How is it that any woman can support Donald Trump? I can understand a 92% disapproval among African Americans, I can understand a 70% disapproval among Latinos. I can understand a lot of the demographic breakdowns in assessing polling data on this despicable man. I am in the demographic that supports this repulsive and hateful person. I know men who think and act like Trump.

    But women? And I mean women of any age, religion, nationality, race, or education level. Shouldn't that approval number be 0%?

    I don't get it.
    They refuse to listen to anything that doesn't comport to their beliefs so I guess it's not surprising they are STILL asking this question.

    1. Much of what has been said about President Trump by the left has been shown to be lies. As such I now treat anything the left says about President Trump and his administration as probable lies.

    2. I am not brainwashed by the left....or the right. I vote my political beliefs based on my own research, NOT lies told for political advantage. And irrespective of moral failings I will vote for the conservative especially when the other choice is the corruption of Hillary and Democrats.

    3. I am my own person. I am under no obligation to vote my gender if it conflicts with my political beliefs.

    4. I might be a woman, but I am not a victim, and Democrats are all about creating and enforcing "victims' and victim-hood for political advantage, even when they must use thug tactics. I won't play that game. It's demeaning and it's nothing but manipulating others.

    brush (16,038 posts) 4. You're absolutely right. K&R. Women who voted for him should be ashamed.

    And those who continue to back him are totally lost.
    The only way I'm "lost" is "lost to the corrupt Democrat party". And I'm not ashamed of voting for President Trump or being "lost to the corrupt Democrat party". There is nothing to be ashamed about.

    enough (10,353 posts)

    5. Being a woman doesn't automatically make you wiser, smarter, or better informed than

    any other kind of human being. I know this because I am one.
    True. And the same could be said about the stupidity of women voting for Democrats.

    And because they won't accept that women can legitimately have conservative political beliefs contrary to Democrats they have to come up with bogus theories about why women vote for Republicans. After all it couldn't be because the Democrats are wrong or because it's OK for women to be conservatives politically.

    lindysalsagal (7,741 posts)

    6. Authoritarianism: Either giving or receiving. It's brain-based. Lots of studies every year or so.

    Some brains are a little shaky and the hard-line shame-based religion and accompanying conservatism make them feel a little safer.

    Control is a myth, but some believe it's necessary for survival.

    Then there's the disenfranchised who just want to kick anyone they can blame for their problems instead of changing their lives.
    Hortensis (20,338 posts)

    32. Yes! Big parts right here. He's projecting strong authoritarian

    leadership. To fools of course, since he's a major wimp personally and as president, but they haven't caught on to that.

    "Disenfranchised" is an interesting term for those others, given the real disenfranchised, but for sure there also. Those certainly include the resentful white Democrats who decided to vote for Trump, or third party or not at all, upset at having lost unearned advantages over women and minorities.
    OldHippieChick (1,973 posts)

    7. From what I have seen of the demographics, most of the women

    who voted for Cheeto were older and white. Many of them are just as racist as their husbands. Also, some women can be shallow and probably fell under his charms when he was hosting his t.v. show. He seemed charming and, after all, appears to have money. I'm always surprised and disgusted at the women who marry men for their money.
    kydo (2,513 posts)

    8. Well, lots of reason for this strange occurrence.

    1. Brainwashed, by things like religion, faux noise, etc.
    2. Mental/emotional issues due to some type of abuse as a child.
    3. Stupidity.
    4. Any combination of the above.
    tblue37 (26,851 posts) 33. Women can also be misogynist, and Hillary had been smeared for 3 decades.

    Propaganda works, and the propaganda against Hillary persuaded many that anyone or anything would be a better choice. Also, don't forget that 53% of white women voters is not the same as 53% of white women who could have voted. Apathy (undoubtedly exacerbated by propaganda against Hillary) prevented a lot of women from even bothering to vote.

    Furthermore, the horse race media, even as they deliberately boosted Trump and dragged Hillary down, kept assuring everyone that her election was inevitable, which almost certainly led potential HRC voters to think their vote was not needed. Of course, those voters could have helped down ballot, but unlike typical Republican voters, who vote religiously (pun intended) in all elections for all offices, Democratic voters all too often ignore any election that isn't for POTUS.
    Frustratedlady (11,544 posts)

    14. Most women I know don't support Trump, but the ones who do are the type that

    are submissive or can't think for themselves. Whatever their husband thinks is what they think. There are two who support him that are extremely religious and God has told them to overlook/forgive the way he treats women. I see them wavering on that a bit, so we might finally be getting to them. At least they aren't publicly defending him.

    Both of these women are intelligent, generous and thoughtful, but Trump's "manliness" impressed them. Neither liked Obama, thought his speeches were someone else's thoughts (which I found incredible since neither can think for themselves) and are impressed that Trump is a true Christian. I know...pick your jaw up off the floor with the rest of us.

    Two years ago, I would have thought both would never fall for the snake oil salesman named Trump. It has ended our relationship and can't understand why. I've tried to get the thought through to them that by voting for Trump, they are responsible for the mess we are in and the Democrats are going to have to clean up the mess he's made.
    Liberals, including liberal women have NO RESPECT for any woman who isn't exactly like they are.

    Takket (4,862 posts)

    20. the GOP has convinced 1/3 of the country to vote agianst its own best interest EVERY election

    and women are just as susceptible to the brainwashing as the men are.

    also plenty of women have had it driven into their heads by religion, the men in their lives and politicians that they are inferior, flawed, and should not be in charge of anything. thus they see a figure that is horrible to women like drumpf and actually believe he what the country needs to save women from themselves.
    I think there's a mental health illness diagnosis for those who always believe that ONLY they are right and ONLY their beliefs should be counted. Their arrogance is beyond belief.

    crazycatlady (2,913 posts)

    25. Without seeing a further demographic breakdown

    The ones I'm interested in are married/unmarrried, age, education level, and location.

    Many (especially older) married women see themselves as extension of their husband and will often use things like 'Mrs. John Smith' instead of 'Mrs. Jane Smith." I've talked to many (mostly older- 60+) women while canvassing who have told me that their husband decides the household's vote.

    Also in conservative Christian circles, women are taught to submit to their husbands.
    Oh sure.

    smirkymonkey (28,994 posts) 39. I honestly don't get it either, and most of the women I know and am close with are

    Democrats and always vote that way. The women I know who are republicans and voted for Trump did so because they are brainwashed by the men in their lives and Fox news and absolutely HATE Liberals. I don't even think they know why, but they hate Liberals and will vote for anyone who goes against them. It's not even really about racism or homophobia or anything like that. It's just a big FU to the Liberals.

    Also, in my opinion, these women are all very insecure and not particularly bright.
    Yes, of course. The ONLY reason we would vote for President Trump is if we were brainwashed by the 'men in our lives', and FOX news.
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    Obama & Hillary voters were far more brainwashed by symbolism over substance, identity politics over real issues that Americans care about.
    Voted hottest "chick" at CU - My hotness transcends gender
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    louis c (6,406 posts)

    So, maybe some of you DUers have an explanation.
    Well of course they do Louis, they all hate and
    despise Trump and Republicans just like you!!!

    May the FORCE be with you!
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    Dear Frustratedlady ...

    Most women I know don't support Trump, but the ones who do are the type that are submissive or can't think for themselves. Whatever their husband thinks is what they think.
    Not surprising in the least, of the women that you know, but they and you are dead wrong on two counts!

    Unlike the indoctrinated female *lemmings* of DU ...

    (1) Trump supporting women are anything but "submissive" and do indeed "think for themselves."

    (2) Guess again, if you think we are "impressed" in the least by the "manliness" of the candidates for whom we vote. It is POLICY ... POLICY ... POLICY.

    But then again, you can't be expected to even begin to understand that.
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    Most women I know don't support Trump, but the ones who do are the type that are submissive or can't think for themselves. Whatever their husband thinks is what they think.

    Not married, not submissive, very much a Trump supporter.

    Stuff it, propaganda girl.
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    Another Trump supporter:

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    How is it that any woman can support Donald Trump? ...

    I don't get it.
    It's simple. Women who voted for Trump acknowledged some or all of a whole bunch of realities DU-moron "louis c" refuses to acknowledge:

    * Hillary (with Billary) is probably the most corrupt politician ever to run for President;

    * Hillary, as SecState, proved herself clueless, inept, responsibility-ducking, and a willing (but inept) liar;

    * Hillary spent over 2 decades enabling and defending a serial sexual assaulter and demonized victims who dared to speak out;

    * Hillary continually showed an arrogance that would become tyrannous if she gained power.
    Facts don't matter to DUpipo.

    BIG CHEETO Is Watching You!

    Note to "Warpy" and "shockey80": I voted for Donald Trump! I would do so again!
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