China expert Father Bernardo Cervellera has rebuked a top Vatican Bishop for his ridiculous “exaltation” of Chinese society, which has “made the Catholic Church a laughingstock.”

In a stinging editorial titled “Bishop Sanchez Sorondo in Wonderland,” Father Cervellera, an Italian missionary and director of Asia News, has reacted to a recent interview with the Chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, in which the bishop painted China as the best place on the planet to see Catholic social teaching in action.

In his point-by-point fraternal reproach, Father Cervellera says that Bishop Sanchez was completely taken in by Chinese authorities in his single visit there, being shown exactly what they wanted him to see and nothing else.

In his ignorance, Bishop Sanchez describes China as a wonderland “that doesn’t exist,” Cervellera writes, in a fictional account of a land without slums, without drugs and without oppression.