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    Quote Originally Posted by Elspeth View Post
    Yesterday? I didn't even know I was banned yesterday. What did they do, make a public announcement?
    Here's the first one I saw. Apparently it happened on Monday:

    thewiseguy (1000+ posts) Mon Jun-16-08 01:28 PM
    Response to Reply #67
    94. Nice to see you finally got your pizza. Rethug.
    JVS (1000+ posts) Tue Jun-17-08 08:58 AM
    Response to Reply #94
    97. Awesome!
    Another thread:

    chimpsrsmarter (1000+ posts) Tue Jun-17-08 01:06 AM
    Response to Original message
    51. this primary brought out some ugly things in people i never would have expected.
    one of them used to post in gd and i liked their threads, they came in here and it was like a different person. One of them that got banned yesterday actually posts at a freeper board and it sure looks like she's a McCain supporter, she is no democrat.
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