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  1. #1 I hate that it's come down to this 
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    They're counting on Mueller to take down President Trump.

    Tom Rinaldo (18,250 posts)

    I hate that it's come down to this

    Each day I have to tell myself that Mueller's team has gotten another full day to uncover the crimes of the Trump regime while bringing us one day closer to the mid term elections. That's my mantra for coping: Mueller/Midterms and hang on for dear life.

    None of us can do much to help Mueller other that to let the political world know in advance that we will explode if anything happens to thwart his probe, but it's gotta be all hands on deck for the midterms.
    And their response when FBI, DOJ, and Obama Administration individuals are indited and/or continue to lose their jobs?

    TeapotInATempest (565 posts)

    2. Yes, these are my thoughts every day.

    I still can't believe we're in this situation.
    jalan48 (6,781 posts)

    4. Each passing day gives Trump the opportunity to put his people in secretive positions of power.

    People who can then use that secretive power to control the political process in this country.
    No, that's what Obama did, and that is who is being exposed for their corruption and illegal activities.

    pandr32 (3,256 posts)

    7. This is what makes it all so hard

    We are witnessing the dismantling of our nation, government, and foreign relations as an ongoing horror show.

    Oh, the hyperbole! The only thing being 'dismantled' is the Democrats liberal agenda.

    llmart (5,034 posts)

    13. I'm with you.

    Things should be moving faster. Please don't compare this to Nixon's resignation either because this is a completely different time in history with much, much more access to information more quickly.
    syringis (2,235 posts)

    14. Hello Tom

    Fred Sanders (21,279 posts)

    15. 5 of 14 crack prosecutors on Muellers dream team are money laundering specialists.

    There has to be billions of reasons for that.
    Proof it isn't about "collusion with Russia", it's about temper tantrums about losing the election and a willingness to go to extreme lengths to get rid of him - even if it means looking at financials going back 10 to 20 years.
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    The question seems to be whether Mueller will be able to last long enough for DU-folk to enjoy the Muellermas 2018 ....... dashing of their dreams.
    Facts don't matter to DUpipo.

    BIG CHEETO Is Watching You!

    Note to "Warpy" and "shockey80": I voted for Donald Trump! I would do so again!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SVPete View Post
    The question seems to be whether Mueller will be able to last long enough for DU-folk to enjoy the Muellermas 2018 ....... dashing of their dreams.
    Breaking now, Byron York uncovered that Comey testified to Congress that the FBI didn't think Flynn did anything wrong:

    Mueller has to explain why Flynn is being charged for violating a 218-year-old law that no-one has ever been charged with before. Yates is going to be asked why she sent 2 agents to interview Flynn without informing him they were coming for an interview. They just showed-up. They returned to Comey and told him they didn't think the General did anything wrong.

    Looks like a pretty big start to the dream-dashing...
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    So Flynn is as innocent as we think he is.

    Or, he wants to testify and some folks want him not to....

    The DUmmies need to understand that the Mueller investigation has been based on a non-crime (collusion is not a crime) and that Mueller has not come up with any proof. The only thing Mueller has been able to do is trick an innocent man into a guilty plea and indict a couple of others for things they did way before the 2016 campaign.

    In other words, Mueller hasn't found a damned thing. That is why he wants to interview Trump: he wants to get him on a process "crime"--"lying to the FBI" for remembering something differently than it appears on the illegal surveillance tapes.
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