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  1. #1 Donald Trump, Dumbass. 
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    Oh the lengths they'll go to convince themselves and each other that their memes about President Trump are "true"......

    1. The "tweet" by Musk wasn't really by him.
    2. Musk left South Africa when he was 17, and went to Canada. Two years later he came to the United States (about 1990). The launch wasn't from South Africa; it was done at Cape Canaveral.

    DUmmies fall for it.

    Phoenix61 (3,491 posts)

    1. It's a sad state of affairs when we cheer

    for someone calling the president a dumbass. He's correct but it's still sad.
    charlyvi (6,218 posts)

    2. Yes Indeed.

    Sad, but factually correct.
    Idiots don't know the difference between fact and opinion.

    mnmoderatedem (1,609 posts)

    3. false reply according to Snopes

    though I have no idea why Musk would not at least politely correct the error by dumbass.
    Maybe he agrees with American ingenuity. Scientists aren't exactly rushing to South Africa to work, and he's lived in the United States longer than he lived in South Africa.
    Pachamama (10,941 posts)

    5. I have a serious crush on Elon Musk...

    brush (16,097 posts)

    6. I've just become a fan of Musk.
    Because they think he called President Trump a dumbass.

    Calling them idiots is too kind.
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    FAKE NEWS!!!

    BTW, the giddy mentality of the left over the fake news "dumb ass" reply contradicts what the left says about immigrants who come to this Country to make a better life for themselves. Musk became a U.S. Citizen in 2002, therefore he is an American. The left likes to preach about how immigrants want to come here to be come Americans, but at the first opportunity to ridicule Trump for making what they thought was a "dumbass" comment, they try to claim he's not American.
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