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  1. #1 Were Women Better Off 60 Years Ago? 
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    In the 1950s, many women stayed at home and took care of raising kids as well as maintaining the house: cooking, cleaning, crafting, hosting, and just plane old nurturing.

    Now many women choose to do most all of that AND hold a steady career.

    Question: Generally speaking, ARE women better off now?

    I imagine the answer may be 'No.'

    For one, isn't it true that because women entered the work place it created a situation in which workers out-numbered jobs and therefore pay went down? I know they always say that in terms of real wages, actual pay has gone down since at least the 70s. A man in the 50s could take home a large paycheck that could pay for his entire household but that today, two people need to be working in order to achieve (or come close) to the same thing. Meanwhile, you are adding on an extra car and all the costs that go with that, as well as child-care costs.

    I know job satisfaction can be a powerful thing but the way I hear people talk about their jobs (all people) it seems being able to stay at home isn't such a 'bad' gig. Especially when you consider being able to be with your kids a lot more.

    I have always believed that single parents are just as good as married parents if not better and I have always believed that women should be able to do whatever they want. I am a millennial and these are things I wasn't taught necessarily but instead they are things that I was implicitly meant to believe. I'm not so sure they are so true. Why is a neat life of family and home labeled so awful now -- I know anything to do with family is always shunned as 'fake.'

    That reminds me of those shows like Leave it to Beaver and Donna Reed. These shows are often cited as unrealistic women prisons.

    BUT I HAVE WATCHED THOSE SHOWS and the women in them are highly clever! Donna Reed faces complex situations and she always comes out on top. She was highly smart and issues were not 'wholesome and simple' like people want to say. make an even clearer point, WOMEN HAVE A LOT OF POWER AT HOME! A happy wife is a happy life. I don't believe men really ruled the household. Geesh, in the midwest the wives are the ones that boss people around and the men sort of just are quiet and go hide at work and come home without many demands and often just try to keep the peace. That is just what I have seen growing up. I know the issue is more complex.

    I'd love to hear thoughts.

    I want to see how this issue is not simple and I'd like to not hear strict ideology about it. It is always meant to be a very 'that was fake back then' kind of thing and I don't think it was.

    Thank you.
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    I have always believed that single parents are just as good as married parents if not better and I have always believed that women should be able to do whatever they want. I am a millennial and these are things I wasn't taught necessarily but instead they are things that I was implicitly meant to believe.
    Go take a real close look at the people on welfare, and tell me how many parents are in their households. Single parents of either sex are not as capable as a married couple, especially when it comes to raising a child. The human child requires a two parent household. The ghetto/welfare people are by design, government design, just in case you weren't aware of that yet.
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    Ask actual women. The large majority of them would tell you they're better off now, when all professions are open to them and they have the freedom to stay home or not as THEY choose. It is also more economically efficient to not have artificial restrictions on work, which is why free societies are fundamentally stronger than slave or pseudo-slave ones.

    I have a female friend who was a STEM student at a well-reputed college 40 years ago, the prof in one required class (Whic everyone in her field had to take) told her that he did not pass women, regardless of performance, because he did not think women should be in that field. He got away with it, too. This is insane from the point of view of both liberty and economics, and (Rightly) would not be tolerated today.
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    A very strange question relative to a number of variables including location, finances, I can't begin to list them all.

    Revelation 15:1
    And I saw another sign in heaven, great and marvellous, seven angels having the seven last plagues; for in them is filled up the wrath of God.
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    Just one question: how closely does the "modern" family stack up to God's plan for family???
    Forget opportunities, freedom of choice etc., just compare God's family design with society's family reality!!
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    I would say yes. The illusion of freedom and equality has enslaved many of them into roles I don't believe many of the desire. On whole, they don't seem as happy as they use to be. This might be a false perception on my part but it is what I feel.
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    I think you could make the case either way. My mom would say that it has been great for her-she was able to ditch my dad fairly easily in 1986, and now he doesn't get to claim any of her inheritance from her father nor is she responsible for the cost of his Assisted Living care. She does make him cookies, though, just to be nice.

    I think it's easier now to be a single woman than it was 60 years ago, if one wants to be a single woman.

    If a woman lives a responsible lifestyle, the world is a much better place for her than it was 60 years ago. Women have more choices than they did in the past. Hell, I'm 53, my money is mine and I get to drive an SUV! It's working for me. Plus, if we get an early out this fall, I'm eligible to retire at 53. I can't afford it yet without a new job, but still, that's pretty good.
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    In thinking over the last 76 years I have to agree with noony (gasp!!) According to who you were or who you are, your personal preferences, your family and their support or lack of it, etc., etc., etc. it can be argued both ways. My wife could/did wish for more of a career than she had but the family situation put a pressure on her that prevented it to a large degree. Neither of my daughters have that problem. One because she is not married and is doing what she loves, the other because she does what she wants to and the hubby and son can deal with it.
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