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  1. #1 Senior Obama Adviser Convicted of Sex Crimes Took Photos, Videos Up Women’s Skirts 
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    A senior policy adviser for former President Barack Obama resigned and was convicted of sex crimes after following women and taking photos up their skirts, according to documents released Monday.

    The Daily Mail reported that William Mendoza, 42, stepped down from his position as executive director of the White House Initiative on American Indian and Alaska Native Education in November 2016 after authorities arrested and charged him with attempted voyeurism.

    Mendoza, who took home a $140,000 salary while working in the Obama administration, attempted to take photos and videos up women’s skirts while they were riding on the Washington, DC, Metro at least four times in July 2016 with a government-issued iPhone.

    Authorities also caught Mendoza looking at footage of a woman in her underwear putting on clothes in a dressing room.
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    Nothing to see here, just move along. Normal behavior for democrats.
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    This was quite simply art or possibly he was doing research for a transgender operation
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    From the Breitbart article:

    The former adviser pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor in January 2017, and a judge gave him a 90-day suspended sentence, one year of probation, and a $100 fine. Mendoza has not worked in public office since his conviction.
    Does anyone believe someone not of a protected minority group and an Obama Administration official would have gotten off with this kind of padded wrist-slap?! The apologetic "peace offerings" to his wife or GF probably cost him more than $100!
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