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  1. #1 Did Financial Aid INCREASE the cost of College? 
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    If I walk in to a car dealership and they tell me I can pick out ANY car and the government will fully finance my loan, I am going to pick out a HUMMER with all the bells and whistles.

    If I walk in to a car dealership and I can only use my life-savings, then I'll probably pick out the cheapest model. If I've saved up for a few years, I will probably opt for a middle-range car that runs well but doesn't break the bank.

    If no one can afford hummers, the car makers are going to develop more low end models.

    Likewise, I think the government subsidizing college has made college increase in cost. If a college knows that you will pay any price they give you because the government will fund it, they will raise the price. Since many kids can go ANYWHERE and price no longer becomes a factor, colleges have to compete with each other more and thus offer more 'state of the art' facilities and perks.

    This is why I shutter, completely shutter, at Bernie's plan to offer FREE college. Just think how much the government would end up paying if the entire price of college was guaranteed. Surely, colleges would increase their costs?
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    Student loans helped to increase the costs of college as well.
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    In a word, yes.

    Here's how it worked:

    1. Government provides guarantees for private (bank) student loans.
    2. US Government starts subsidies for industry to move offshore, go global.
    3. HEW (later DOE) encourage ALL kids to go to college knowing that working class industrial jobs are leaving.
    4. Government adds some "civil rights" rules to universities (blacks, women). Some cost in carrying these programs out.


    4. Universities realize that student loan money comes to them and that the STUDENTS are on the hook for it. FREE MONEY!
    5. Universities have increasing costs due to influx of students who don't belong in college.
    6. University systems (like California, Virginia, NY States, etc.) have to build new schools for all these students.
    7. Tuitions rise to pay for all the new students, new campuses, new buildings and increased healthcare costs, including abortions.
    8. Government adds many more "civil rights" rules to universities (gays, handicapped, Hispanics). Rising costs in carrying these programs out. More administrators needed to do so.
    9. Tuitions start to rise to pay more administrators.
    10. Rising student populations, more building, and more administrators squeeze tenured professor positions. Number of adjuncts (part timers) rise as tenured profs decline.


    10. Universities hiring ADMINISTRATORS like mad. Needs lots of "student life" administrators to make sure everybody feels "safe", "welcome", not microaggressed upon.
    11.Administrators start at high salaries, often 6 figures. (Professors start, in some places, at 40K).
    12. Obama takes over student loan program from private banks. Now DOE can threaten schools with student loan money and dictate priorities.
    13. Obama DOE's "Dear Colleague" letter throws innocent males out of college for rapes they did not commit. Lawsuits ensue--cost money.
    14. Whole new administrator apparatus needed for "sexual assault" investigators. Not real cops or detectives, but demand 100-200K salaries.
    15. More employees needed for "student life" to control everything students say and do so it doesn't hurt anyone's feelings, now including trannies.
    16. Health care costs skyrocket thanks to ACA: universities now covering tranny surgery.
    17. Universities need to serve more students to defray costs: get involved in "online learning". Spend a lot of money building online programs or contracting courses out to MOOC developers.
    18. More buildings, including many parking garages, need to be built.
    19. Full time tenured/tenure track professors now account for only 30% of teaching force. The other 70% are adjuncts, temporary yearly contract employees, and graduate students.
    20. Certain tenured professors become "superstars". They do research but do not teach. They get salaries of 100-200K.
    21. Administrator's salaries run into 300-400K.
    22. College Presidents can make up to 7 figures, depending on the school.
    23. Student loans are FREE money, as long as the school toes the government line.

    So who pays for all this?

    The students.

    When the student default?

    The taxpayer.
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