3 Concerning Prejudice Trends Toward White Americans

...1. Google: No Room for White Cis Straight Men… Unless You’ve Been Abused

If you’re a white man who wants to work for Google, you better be gay or trans-something. Otherwise, their racist, sexist, and all around prejudiced practices will shun you.

Oh, unless you were abused. Then you’re cool. Does abuse at the hands of the company count?

Google implemented a “moratorium on hiring white cis heterosexual abled men who aren’t abuse survivors.” But that just scratches the surface....

...2. No Whites Allowed Retreats, Clubs, and “Safe Spaces”

Vice did a segment on an all black women’s retreat, no whites allowed.

This should absolutely be legal. Businesses should be allowed to discriminate however they want. Bakers shouldn’t be forced to bake cakes for gay couples if they don’t want to.

But just because businesses should be able to deny customers doesn’t make it right. It’s not too long ago that black people were not allowed in certain restaurants, and had to use segregated bathrooms, schools, and even water fountains.

Some people might see this as a reason to now discriminate against whites as a sort of, “how do you like it?” But really it is all the more reason to leave that prejudice behind.

I can see the desire to get together with groups of people with whom you have more in common. To tell the truth, if this retreat simply geared their businesses towards women of color it wouldn’t even come across as super racist...

3. Racist Propaganda.

Last year I wrote a piece about the movie Get Out. The movie exploits a common problem that still exists. There are still subtle ways that white people act differently towards black people. A lot of white people can’t help but mention race in the presence of a black person.

I was with my friend earlier in the day before seeing Get Out. A white girl-scout mom mentioned that she wasn’t surprised my friend picked shortbread cookies because people of his race tend to prefer them. This, fist bumps instead of handshakes, and saying things like “my man,” or going out of your way to mention black celebrities that you enjoy, is what people call “micro-aggressions.”.....