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  1. #1 How long before Thoughts and Prayers, but no gun discussion... 
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    How long before Thoughts and Prayers, but no gun discussion...
    Democrats and leftists have mocked God and religious belief. They have made sure that any mention of God is not allowed within the school system and government - often even when it is voluntary.

    It is Democrats and liberals who insist that there is no right or all depends on the situation or your 'feelings'.

    It is Democrats and liberals who have insisted that having two parents - a mother and a FATHER isn't important. Having just a mother or much less often, two mommies or two daddies is just as good as having a mother and father both involved in the family. Anyone who believes in conservative or Christian family values is roundly mocked and criticized.

    It is Democrats and liberals who have stoked racial animosity, and insist that white men are entitled trash who should have no say. They are told they are "racist" and must "check their privilege" no matter the background they came from. So someone like The Black A*ss who grew up in privilege is considered "oppressed" and a white teen who is growing up in poverty with parents who are drug addicts or alcoholics is considered "privileged" and needs to 'shut up' and 'check his privilege'.

    It is Democrats and liberals who have justified violence against conservatives and those they disagree with. They have been both silent AND verbally outspoken indicating approval with Antifa and other liberal groups beating up those who attend a conservative speakers speech or who support President Trump. Their message is - if you disagree with someone-violence is the answer.

    It is Democrats and liberals who support the black supremacist group Black Lives Matter. "Pigs in a blanket, fry em like bacon" and "What do we want? Dead Cops. When do we want it? Now" is OK with them. If someone's skin color isn't white it gives them a license to resist arrest, run from cops and/or assault cops. And the police are to do nothing, because that would be raaaacist. "White Power" is racist. "Black Power" is A OK. The Black *ss even hosted the group in the White House on at least one occasion, if not twice.

    It is Democrats and liberals who call speech they disagree with "hate speech" and "violence" that justifies actual violence against those they disagree with.

    Democrats and liberals are SOAKED in the BLOOD of innocents as they create/justify the culture of violence.....and then they blame GUNS.

    bearsfootball516 (1,134 posts)

    1. I'm sure it's already happening.

    Also, "It's too soon to talk after this tragedy"

    And, "Children just died, how could you possibly politicize this?"
    Va Lefty (3,705 posts)

    2. Here we go again with the same sick dance

    What is sick is liberals who have trashed every constraining bit of morality.....and then blame GUNS.

    Funtatlaguy (1,701 posts)

    7. Well, of course, now is not the time

    To politicize it.
    No talk of any gun control, regulations of any sort, up to and including no background Checks.
    In fact, there’s just never a really good time for that.
    We must interpret the second amendment as broadly as possible.
    All citizens should own bazookas, tanks, hand grenades and anything they’d like to play war games at their houses and be ready for the government attempted takeover of their lands to give it to illegal immigrants who vote democrat.
    malaise (168,160 posts)

    8. I'm watching the Florida channels

    and hearing that over 20 persons were shot.
    This would not have made it national unless there are fatalities.
    One student said one of his classmates was shot in the leg and his teacher was shot.

    One more fucking disaster that did not have to happen.
    Sure. It's all about the guns not LIBERAL IMMORALITY that has torn down the fabric of our society and with it all constraints and the reality of RIGHT and WRONG that is not 'dependent on our feelings or the situation'.

    And then there's more mocking. Several cartoons - yes, cartoons - mocking "thoughts and prayers".

    Shootings like this are likely multi factorial, but liberals circle jerk blaming 'guns' while ignoring what how THEY have contributed to the culture of violence is criminal in itself.
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    C'mon Ghouls-R-Us (= DU), you aren't fooling anyone.
    Facts don't matter to DUpipo.

    BIG CHEETO Is Watching You!

    Note to "Warpy" and "shockey80": I voted for Donald Trump! I would do so again!
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    Guns didn't do this. In the same way cars don't cause car accidents. It's always the people behind the wheel.
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