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  1. #1 British Horse Racing is ‘Too White’, Industry Told 
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    Horse racing in Britain needs to become more “diverse” the sport was told at an industry awards night at which 90 per cent of nominees were white.

    Speaking at the Godolphin Stud and Stable Staff Awards in London on Monday, British Horseracing Authority (BHA) chief Nick Rust said the sport needs to question whether it has a problem with “unconscious bias”.

    The betting industry bigwig slammed figures which showed that nine in 10 of the 265 nominations received for the awards, which mark the contributions of around 6,000 people who work in Britain’s horse racing and breeding industries, were from a white British or Irish background.
    Maybe he should endorse camel racing !
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    So is hockey, but there are more black players than there used to be.
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    What is the final goal?

    50% of everything should be women. 50% of everything should be men.
    is it based on actual population?
    52% of everything should be women. 48% of everything should be men.

    Should 50% of everything be black and 50% of everything be white. Or is it based on population. The population of the area or of the entire country.

    One will never reach these exact percentages. That would be 'racist' to individual preferences and interests!
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    when are they going to address the lack of diversity in the nba?
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