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  1. #1 EXCLUSIVE: Michael Savage Unveils Platform for Possible California 
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    by AARON KLEIN26 Feb 2018584
    NEW YORK — As Michael Savage contemplates a run for the U.S. Senate in California, the radio star on Monday unveiled a platform of borders, language and culture.

    In an email to Breitbart News, Savage outlined his plan for the Golden State if he decides to jump into the race:
    Seal the borders, build the wall like a citadel, deport illegal aliens.
    English is the only language permitted on government documents, including ballots used for voting. Again: English only voting
    Fix the homeless problem in the big cities of California – get rid of the needles, feces and trash off the streets.
    Bring the state taxes of California down to 9%.
    No more racism as a way of life among the political class.
    Be strong on the environment.
    On his national program on Friday, “The Savage Nation” host said he was asked by “some very important people” to run as an independent against Sen. Dianne Feinstein.
    A manic depressive nutbag who stands for whatever will sell his next book, he fits California to a tee!
    Did I mention he is for gun control, all of this past 3 months but could change depending on polling.

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    Hopefully the Rs put up someone less"out there", who even gets on the General Election ballot. But a choice between Savage and DiFei or de Leon' I would like almost as little as a DiFei - de Leon' choice.
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