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    2018年3月13日是Pennsylvania Congress Elections的特别选举日,日前备受关注。Rick Saccone是共和党宾州18选区的国会议员候选人,被川普总统寄予厚望。

    Rick Saccone 一直支持亚裔社区,许多理念接近我们华人和亚裔。他结婚38年的妻子是韩裔,全家坚决反对身份政治,反对种 族细分,希望我们美国亚裔共和党人一起努力支持Saccone先生赢得这个关键的议会席位。

    在和华人选民第一次见面时,Rick 就直截了当地指出:”Identity politics is at odds with American value。亚裔细分” is dangerously divisive and done by political purpose” 。

    Rick Saccone 是一位坚定的保守派候选人,著有God In Our Government 一书。他坚信小政府、低税收,主张打击福利滥用,是川普总统各项政策的有力支持者,尤其强调对有恐怖主义输 出的国家实行Travel Ban。

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    Wil, not many here read Chinese.

    2018 13 March 2001 of the pennsylvania congress elections before election day, the special attention. Rick saccone is Penn's 18th district Republican members of Congress, the President, the high hopes.

    Rick saccone has supported the Asian community, many of the ideas closer to our Chinese and Asian. He married his wife of 38 years of Korean descent, the whole family is firmly opposed to identity politics, opposed to the kind of family breakdown, we hope that the US Asian Republicans in an effort to support Mr. saccone win this crucial parliamentary seats.

    In the first meeting of the Chinese voters, Rick has categorically stated: " the identity politics is at odds with the american value. Asian segment" is dangerously divisive and done by political purpose".

    Rick saccone is a staunch conservative candidate with God in our government. He firmly believes that small government, low taxes, and advocate against the abuse of the welfare of the Sichuan, president of policies, a strong supporter, with particular emphasis on the transfer of terrorism in the countries of the travel ban.

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    It's easy to read Chinese.....just stand on your head

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