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    Quote Originally Posted by cadillac shark View Post
    The 'blue wave' was a ripple.

    What a muddled messageless mess the Dems are in.

    What sux for Deplorable Oiler-fans is they still have their 'Luv Ya Blue' memorabilia stashed-away, to avoid the wrong political connotation.

    Love ya, Earl. Keep gettin' better.
    True, but its given hope and with Soros and others BILLIONS its gonna happen, just a question of time and history is not on our side.
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    Andrew White is an interesting candidate in this race. He's a pro-life, pro-gun, anti-obamacare, backs charter schools. And he's running as a Dem, who came in close enough in the primaries to force a run-off against the left's gay-female-hispanic dream ticket who chimes in on all the lefts favorites.

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    The Blue Wave was not the tidal wave the dems hoped for but it was a definite push in their direction. Two items I note. First, Abbottís behavior being contrary to ore-election rhetoric is actually helping the democrats. Second, I have no doubt about the democrat metroplex hordes taking over some day, just how long it will take is the question.
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