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  1. #1 The 10 Greatest Fast Food Sides 
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    The 10 Greatest Fast Food Sides

    Because three pounds of processed meat won’t tide you over until dinner.
    10. Cheesy Tots – Burger King
    If there’s one thing cheese and potatoes need, it’s a thick coating of deep-fried batter. The starving African girl I sponsor for a cup of coffee a day isn’t capable of comprehending these.
    Calories/12pc: 430
    Total Fat (grams): 24

    9. Chicken Rings – White Castle

    A little known fact: The ring is the most succulent part of the chicken. White Castle knows this. White Castle knows all. (It should be noted that the Castle also offers you the option of a Chicken Ring Sandwich. With or without cheese. God bless you White Castle.)
    Calories: 320
    Total Fat (grams): 23

    8. Sausage Poutine – Chez Ashton (Canada Only)
    For those of you who haven’t ventured north of the border, Poutine is the reason we have not invaded Canada. Consisting of French fries, cheese curds and gravy, this little heart attack in a bowl will leave you waving off the defibrillator. But Chez Ashton decided to toss a few sausages on top just for good measure. This belongs on this list of school lunches.
    Calories: 630
    Total Fat (grams): 37

    7. Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya – Popeye’s

    While this is found under the “Legends” section of the menu, eagle-eyed members of the Popeye’s Krewe will know that you can also order up a side dish of their “award winning” spicy Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya. I have no idea what award they won, but I’d like to work for the organization that gave it to them.
    Calories: 220
    Total Fat (grams): 11

    6. Jack's Cheesy Macaroni Bites - Jack In The Box

    Because, when you really think about it, macaroni and cheese should be fried. This belongs with these works of art. Photo courtesy of our pals at Yumsugar.
    Calories 6/pc: 440
    Total Fat (grams): 25

    5. Cheesy Bread – Dominos
    Sure, there are a few other pizza establishments that have their version of the cheesestick, but Dominos was the first to say, “Hey, you just ordered three greasewheels, but you’re going to need something to wash them down with. Why not try a little more breaded cheese?”
    Calories/stick: 140
    Total Fat/stick (grams): 7

    4. Bacon Cheddar Potato Wedges – Jack in the Box
    Does it have bacon? Yes. Does it have cheese? Yes. Does it have potato? Yes. If you have anymore questions about the worthiness of this side, please email them to
    Calories: 720
    Total Fat (grams): 48

    3. Crumblies – Long John Silvers
    These crusty little deep fried bits of delicious heart disease will fit into any of the aortic crevices that weren’t clogged by your entrée.
    Calories: 170
    Total Fat (grams): 12

    2. Curly Fries – Arbys
    Arby’s has a very respectable side menu. With such creative options as Onion Petals with Southwest Tangy Sauce and Jalapeno Bites with Bronco Berry Sauce you can really expand your fast food palate on the sides alone. But nothing beats the teeth-shattering crunch of Arby’s classic take on the potato. These are even good cold.
    Calories: 397
    Total Fat (grams): 24

    1. Mashed Potatoes and Gravy – KFC
    I have no idea if there are any real potatoes found in these mashed potatoes, but I don’t care. Salty, creamy and rich, they make a great dip for your home-style biscuits or a surprisingly sturdy spackle for your shower. If mom could make mashed potatoes like these, I wouldn’t have left the womb.
    Calories: 140
    Total Fat (grams): 5
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    Whomever compiled that list needs to get out more. Then again perhaps folks just ain't got a taste for good sides like:

    Pepper Poppers - Battered and deep fried jalapeños stuffed with cream cheese or whatever the mind can imagine.

    Zucchini fries w/salsa or hot sauce to dip in.

    Deep Fried okra

    and yes Fried green Tomatoes
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    Man, now I'm all hungry. Garfield said it best when Jon lamented that there's no measure for the tase of food. "Yes there is, it's called a calorie."
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