I canceled my Netflix subscription the other day, after being a member since the days when they only sent these things called "DVDs" via this thing called "the mail." It was fun while it lasted, but now I'm tired of Netflix's whole deal. I'm tired of their arrogantly jokey corporate surveillance -- "Ha ha, you watched one of our cruddy original movies a bunch of times in a row, you losers" -- and I'm tired of funding a dumping ground for Cloverfield pseudo-sequels that would've bombed in theaters. Plus, Bright was a bad movie. Sorry, but it just was, I don't care what some algorithm says. And now, Netflix expects us to believe nobody had any idea about Kevin Spacey's tomfoolery on the set of House of Cards? Yeah, right.

Netflix has gotten too big for its digital britches, so I'm saying goodbye. I'm voting with my wallet. I'll find somewhere else to dispose of my ever-shrinking pool of disposable income.

But Netflix is already trying to win me back, by announcing a documentary about my favorite civil-rights crusader of the 21st century. Guess who?

The documentary is called The Rachel Divide, and it premieres on April 27. That gives SJWs, race hustlers, and other professional victims almost two months to type up their indignant think pieces.