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  1. #1 Kinda hard to deny climate change when it is staring you in the face like THIS: 
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    dixiegrrrrl (53,459 posts)

    Kinda hard to deny climate change when it is staring you in the face like THIS:
    I've lived down here a few decades now, and know what is "normal" weather in my area.
    we got whipped sawed so badly by sudden and dramatic up and downs of temperatures here of late, so I checked out the weather graphs.

    Do you see what i see?
    I loathe these climate swallowing donkeys. DixieGRRR (ruff ruff) posted some colorful charts and graphs that supposedly prove what the Weather Preacher Al Gore is selling. All they show is the average temp and how some days were warmer, and some days were cooler. Thats it. Nothing more and nothing less.

    We can easily prove that the whole thing is a hoax with one very simple example. Just look at any forecast, such as Weather Underground. It gives you the average weather along with historical recorded past temperatures. These recorded temps are FACTS you lurking donkeys. Some days the temp is above or below the "record temp". The record could be from last year, or it could be from lets say 1915. This proves that weather has no constant. It has averages and thats it. Man doesnt effect weather. And that, is an inconvenient truth, that you lurking donkeys want to ignore.

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    3. Reading and comprehending a graph is probably beyond most deplorables.

    You can't instill facts into their bubble.
    And making up bull shit just so you can stay inside your bubble doesnt change the fact that "climate science" is junk science.

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    4. K & R for truth

    Great post
    No, crappy post. Not even an E for effort.
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    Point to any spot on a graph that a lib is touting and ask: " Okay, what man-made thing happened there.. ?!?? "

    They haven't a clue. For one thing, they generally don't know American industrial-history to any debatable degree.
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    Graphs of highs and lows through individual months in a single year says nothing about climate. DUmmie dixiegrrrrl needs to repeat 6th Grade Math, in particular, the meaning of "Average". Climate is a centuries- and millennia-long phenomenon. And that is why all this blather about Global Warming or Global Climate Change is futile gum-flapping. We do not have directly and precisely measured data going back to 3000 BC. Nor back to 1000 AD. Nor back to 1500 AD. Nor back to 1700 AD. Not even for just one location on the Earth.

    On top of that problem is the problem that climate is a global phenomenon. The oldest data record we have (ignoring the issue of precision) dates to 1701. A single point (Berlin). One point is not the entire Earth, so here's a chart showing the ages of various weather reporting stations around the Earth:

    This map is larger and easier to read, but would not post as an Image.

    Stations that have been around for 100 years or more are almost all in North America, Western Europe, and Japan. In:

    * Central America, 3 stations that might be 100 years old:

    * The continent of South America, 6 stations more than 100 years old, 9 that might be 100 years old, and most of the rest 70 years old or less; an entire continent;

    * The continent of Africa, quite a few stations more than 100 years old in what looks like Algeria and/or Morocco, and 7 more around the rest of continent; 11 that might be 100 years old; most of the rest 70 years old or less; an entire continent;

    * The continent of Asia, Japan and India (those eeeee-vile British colonialists strike again!) have a good number of older stations, but Siberia, China, and SE Asia are mostly 70 or fewer years old, many less than 30 years old;

    * The continent of Australia, there are a fair number of weather stations along the SE coast, though many appear to be inactive or no longer existing, and most stations west of that coast are 70 or fewer years old;

    * The continent of Antarctica, there appears to be 16 stations total, just one of which might be 100 years old; the majority are 50 or fewer years old; only one active station is not located on the coast, with two inactive or no longer existing stations in the interior.

    * The Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, and Arctic Oceans, few stations generally, and very few older than 70 years.

    It's a complex picture, and the Earth is a big place compared to us humans, but the bottom line is that we do not have anything like a worldwide network of weather stations dating back more than 70-100 years. In other words meaningful climate speculation requires millennia of comprehensive high precision data, but we have, being very generous, one century of data.
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    Facts don't matter to DUpipo.

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    A month ago it was 12 degrees and now it's 60, we're all gunnah die!
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