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  1. #1 This Angel Might STILL BE ALIVE If It Weren’t For Jerry Brown And Those Like Him 
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    Featured up top is Grace, the six-year-old daughter of Hispanic parents Angela and Jesus Aguilar. Described by Los Angeles station KNBC as a child who “loved people, nature and God,” Grace lost her life on Feb. 17 because of the actions of a man named Maximino Delgado Lagunas, according to RedState:

    On a typically gorgeous Southern California Saturday afternoon Grace and her cousin were playing in the front yard of her family’s Fullerton home when Maximino Delgado Lagunas drunkenly drove his 1990 Toyota 4-Runner onto the sidewalk, plowing into Grace as her cousin stood nearby. Lagunas then kept driving, attempting to get away, before crashing into another car.

    But Lagunas is more than just your everyday scumbag — he’s one of the millions of illegal immigrants in California whose lives Gov. Jerry Brown and other state legislators & officials clearly value over that of bonafide Americans such as Grace.

    KNBC notes that Lagunas, whose blood alcohol level had been three times the legal limit at the time of his arrest, is a twice-deported illegal immigrant who should have been deported again in 2015 but was instead illegally granted clemency by local authorities.

    “Court records show that in 2015 he was arrested for another DUI. Immigration officials say that back then Buena Park police did not detain Lagunas for the required 48 hours for pickup by immigration officials, instead placing him on informal probation and releasing him to the streets,” the station reported.
    Another victim of California disease.
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    But wait Californey is more compassionate than the rest of us!
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