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  1. #1 Trump is weak. We need to remember that. 
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    Trump is weak. We need to remember that.

    Thinking about how Trump is quietly calling the GOP candidate in PA weak, haven't you noticed that Trump is selling a twisted sense of white, masculine strength to red America? They love it, because is a direct contrast with the new vision of America Obama represented: a racially mixed, intellectually advanced nation ruled by a non-traditional, less dominant form of masculinity (which would open the doors of power to women and other underrepresented groups). Trump, obviously, represents the unabashed dominance that male-run white America has had over the country (and, why not, over the world). His boorish behavior just reinforces the idea of him being the unapologetic king of the world, something his supporters feel they are as well through him.

    But, what if Trump, to the eyes of his supporters, becomes a weakling? What if we, Dems, are able to articulate a message that exposed him not as dangerous, but as a total weakling who is being taken advantage of by Putin, Kim and special interests here at home? Someone who even an over the hill porn star is able to push around. Someone that lacks a spine, someone not without the ability to do what's right, but without the COJONES to do what's right. Someone we can mock openly, because he's just weak and pathetic.

    Can we do it? Can the Democratic Party articulate the message that Trump is a weakling that we can mock, ridicule, and that we need to save our dignity by kicking him out of office?

    Just thinking aloud.
    There you have are supposed to be pussy whipped and submissive so that women and minorities have the reigns of power.

    True to democrat ways you must demean and diminish one group in order to lift another group up. That's the only way to do it........and it's all about revenge and hate.

    Now to President Trump:

    elleng (81,677 posts)

    2. We can surely articulate such.

    Having 'them' accept it is another thing.
    And I could write something using psychology just as unflattering and accusatory - and TRUE about Obama Supporters and/or Democrats in general.
    IluvPitties (973 posts)

    4. Articulating it is not enough.

    We need to make them feel disappointed. How? By forcing Trump to look bullied, without answers. He bullied his way into the White House, and he needs to be bullied out if it.
    And in doing so they show themselves to be the real bullies.

    elleng (81,677 posts)

    7. Make them 'feel' disappointed,

    THAT's the way to prevail?
    IluvPitties (973 posts)

    8. These individuals are not supporting Trump in a rational manner

    They idolize him. We will never bring them to our side, because they believe in a vision for America that resembles the 1950s. What we can do is to energize our side and try to paint Trump as the opposite of what they are seeing- a weakling who our enemies laugh at and that everyone takes advantage of. Someone who embodies the weakening of America they supposedly fear so much.

    In other words, let's help red America stay home on Election Day by exposing their idol as the embodiment of what they fear the most.
    Kath2 (1,213 posts)

    3. Trump just has to go.

    He is a total disgrace. I hate him, all those who voted for him and his racist, sexist agenda.
    shanny (1,650 posts)

    6. I've been thinking this for a while

    tRump is a coward and a quitter and should be called that to his face. We should point out how easy he is to manipulate, how he is led around by the fluffers (heh), how everything he does shows his weakness and pathetic desire for attention / approval.

    He'll fold his tent and run away rather than be tagged as a Loser. He always has.
    LOL. A coward and a quitter? They've been saying this since President Trump first announced that he was campaigning for the Presidency. He puts up with all the trash they level at him and despite all the claims he would 'quite by x time" he hasn't. It's all about hate, hate, and more hate for the left.

    Cha (204,108 posts)

    16. i love your scenario.. let's do it.

    Remember trump always projects.. always. So when he calls the gop guy weak.. it's because he's weak.

    trump is his own worst enemy.. he is a whiny hate-spewing, weakling.. just begging to be mocked.
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    The only lie Trump has ever told his supporters is we'd get tired of winning.
    Cast your burden on the Lord,
    and he will sustain you;
    he will never permit
    the righteous to be moved.
    Psalm 55:22
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    Even left leaning women appreciate & enjoy old fashioned chivalry. Deeds over being a feminine male who has had his testicles confiscated.
    Voted hottest "chick" at CU - My hotness transcends gender
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    Libs & Progs under-estimated Reagan, under-estimated G. H. W. Bush, and under-estimated G. W. Bush. They really refuse to get that under-estimating one's opponent is usually a very costly mistake.
    Facts don't matter to DUpipo.

    BIG CHEETO Is Watching You!

    Note to "Warpy" and "shockey80": I voted for Donald Trump! I would do so again!
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