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    I firmly believe that Sanders would have won in 2016. A lot of Berniebots voted for Jill Stein or stayed home. The Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylyania Trump victories were razor thin.
    Exactly. And the California delegation to the DNC KNEW that Bernie had been cheated out of his victory in California. That is why a certain vaginally-obsessed comic had to yell at the good people of the delegation:

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    Quote Originally Posted by old dog View Post
    I don't foresee a violent civil war at any time in the future. I see America as the frog in the pot of water slowly heated to the boiling point.
    Sadly you are prob right.

    Across the nation students in HS are walking out to protest, but the signs they carry tell a different story, they aren't protesting the kids of got killed, but that is their ruse, they are protesting guns.

    When you protest guns, you are in reality protesting the 2nd Amendment and if you are protesting the 2nd, the you are protesting the entire US Constitution and this my friends is the END GAME, it’s not guns, it’s our founding documents.

    These kids out there protest across the US are in there mid-teens. They will be the thought of America in about 20 years +/-. Their thoughts today will be our future. If I am alive and I could be I am not like to know or care. But if you are under the age of 50, the freedoms, our BoR and things you grew up with will be GONE...
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