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  1. #1 Seattle Seahawks Dump ‘Pain In the Ass’ Activist Michael Bennett 
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    The Philadelphia Eagles may have miraculously won the Super Bowl over the Patriots dynasty but their celebration could be short-lived due to the poison that the organization has willingly ingested.

    The reigning champions will be the new home for one of the NFL’s biggest troublemakers in Colin Kaepernick’s successor as an agitator Michael Bennett.

    The ultra-liberal Seattle Seahawks finally grew weary of Bennett’s carnival of controversies, his whoring himself out to the media at the expense of his teammates and race-baiting and cut their losses this week by sending @MosesBread72 packing before his new book “Things that Make White People Uncomfortable” is released next month.

    Their stud defensive lineman got them a fifth-round pick and wide receiver Marcus Johnson and the chance to get a fresh start as another problem child has been sent elsewhere.

    According to CBS Sports “Michael Bennett was reportedly a ‘pain in the a–‘ for the Seahawks last season”:

    Michael Bennett may have been one of the Seahawks’ best players but he had become more trouble than he was worth, according to’s Albert Breer, who writes that three offensive coaches described the defensive end as not being the player he once was and one who “picked his spots more than he had in the past.”

    Oh, and there’s this: “He was also a pain in the a– for the Seattle coaches,” Breer added.

    On Wednesday, the Seahawks shipped Bennett and a seventh-round pick to the Eagles for a fifth-rounder and wide receiver Marcus Johnson. Clearly Philadelphia, which reportedly did its homework on Bennett ahead of the trade, wasn’t deterred and has since made its defense even better.
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    And they ship him to Philadelphia where I have season tickets.
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