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  1. #1 Do you believe Trump consulted with Putin before firing Rex Tillerson ? 
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    More proof of how unhinged DUers are.

    DemocratSinceBirth (85,469 posts)

    Do you believe Trump consulted with Putin before firing Rex Tillerson ?

    56 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited

    Yes 52 (93%)
    No 4 (7%)

    The Velveteen Ocelot (58,395 posts)

    1. In some fashion, yes.

    Maybe not directly, as with a phone call, but somehow he got the message. Whatever Putin has on Trump must be much, much worse than peeing hookers and I hope we eventually find out what it is.
    Xipe Totec (39,783 posts)

    3. Didn't have to; standing orders. nt
    bigtree (69,896 posts)

    4. why not?

    ...what fucking evidence do we have that he's actually working for America?
    scheming daemons (23,327 posts)

    7. "Consulted"? No. He was ORDERED.
    Sanity Claws (16,702 posts)

    8. Consult? No

    I think Putin ordered Trump to fire him and Trump complied.
    former9thward (19,381 posts)

    9. This afternoon it has come out that Tillerson was fired over the Iran deal.

    Tillerson supports it and wanted to keep it. Trump does not. Putin wants to keep the Iran deal so he is on Tillerson's side. So the premise of the poll does not make much sense.
    Laffy Kat (7,374 posts)

    12. He probably consults with Putin before he takes a piss. nt
    MaryMagdaline (829 posts)

    13. I voted no because i don't think he needs to anymore

    He and Putin are on the same page.
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    Morons, buy I'd expect nothing less.
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    No wonder they exclude normal people from their forum, it's a complete comedy show
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    I have a theory about the DU and Skinner that I have been pondering over the course of the last couple of years. Just been waiting for the right moment. Honestly the moment seems right, as so many "members" seem to be exhibiting (T)rump (A)cceptance (R)esistance (D)isorder on an hourly basis.

    Is it possible that a vast majority of the "Members" are nothing more then Skinners multiple personalities? The remainder are nothing more then bots, or some kind of A.I. that he and Earl have developed? In my mind this seems as plausible as anything.
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