A really good article, though a little long. Just the beginning here:

Campus Feminism: The Real War on Women

...But a closer look at campus culture reveals that, in order to be considered “pro-woman,” one must accept a narrowly defined set of values—values that many women find unrelatable, if not repulsive. This includes the glorification of abortion, the rejection of masculinity, and the exaltation of sexual liberation.

In the hookup culture that has developed with the advance of feminist values, promiscuity is not only rampant but is intellectually defended by scholars and socially condoned by university-sponsored events. As a result, the average college woman steps out of the safety of her home and childhood school and social communities onto the college campus where sexual anarchy is the rule.

...While many college women are able to withstand negative influences, having developed a strong sense of self through family, religion, or just having an extra measure of innate common sense, there is intense social pressure to engage in casual meaningless sex and to “live in the moment.” To students on today’s college campuses, sex is not something to be taken seriously, but just another way to have fun...

...Prominent feminist Hanna Rosin, for example, argues that “feminist progress right now largely depends on the existence of the hook-up culture” because it eliminates women’s need for men. According to Rosin, women are the ones perpetuating hook-up culture because it allows them to keep “their own ends in mind.”...