The collapsing Rube Goldberg machine known as Obamacare is still throwing off chunks in all directions. Now, because some of its provisions have been removed piecemeal, the debris is threatening to conk lawmakers over the noggin at election time:

Health-insurance premiums are likely to jump right before the November elections, a result of Congressís omission of federal money to shore up insurance exchanges from its new spending package. Lawmakers from both parties had pushed to include the funding in the $1.3 trillion spending law signed Friday, but they couldnít agree on details. A battle has already begun over how to cast the blame for the expected rate increases.

Democrats blame GOP lawmakers for the failure of negotiations over the funding, saying Republican leaders demanded the inclusion of abortion restrictions they knew would be unacceptable to Democrats. Republicans say that they negotiated in good faith and that Democrats rejected reasonable rules on abortion.
There is a tv ad that offers to replace "high cost" Obamacare with a cheaper alternative and provides a number to call.