Here's a good example of how the DUers can't read and comprehend informotion.....and then repeat what they want to believe over and over again.


Mark E. Smith (1000+ posts) Fri Dec-12-08 04:02 PM
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Al Franken gets boost in Minn. Senate recount
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ST. PAUL, Minn. Democrat Al Franken won a pair of victories Friday before the state board overseeing the Senate recount, including a decision that as many as 1,500 incorrectly rejected absentee ballots should be included.

The board also opted to recommend use of election night results in a Franken-leaning Minneapolis precinct where 133 ballots went missing, a decision that could have cost him 46 votes if it had gone the other way.

damntexdem (1000+ posts) Fri Dec-12-08 04:22 PM
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3. And then Coleman's lawyers will keep the decision held up in court for as long as they can.
Although once the new Senate accepted the result, the courts would probably bounce any suits out.
dflprincess (1000+ posts) Fri Dec-12-08 04:57 PM
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4. He's already started:
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"The Coleman campaign is asking that the counting of rejected absentee ballots be halted until a standard procedure is established."
wellstone dem (1000+ posts) Fri Dec-12-08 07:15 PM
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5. It says a lot about Al and a lot about Norm that
neither know how the absentee ballots will affect the election, but Al wants them counted and Norm does not.
There are numerous threads where they are stating that Norm Coleman "does not want them to count."

Now I don't agree that they should be counted. If they were ruled to be rejected absentee ballots-even if it is a mistake they should be brought up after the election is called. But of course the dems "want every vote counted" until Franken steals the election then it's time to stop.

My question is this. The board cannot force the precincts to go through their rejected absentee ballots to pull out ones they think/know were wrongly rejected so what happens if alll the liberal precincts go through theirs but not the more conservative ones--or vice versa (though we know this won't happen.)?