A student-run group at California State University, Chico warned classmates to “be safe” and “avoid the area” Monday when a conservative student group held a pro-gun event on campus.

The Gender and Sexuality Equity Center (GSEC), a student-run organization sponsored by student government, took to social media on Monday, issuing a “content warning” to alert students that the Chico State Republicans were broadcasting their support for the Second Amendment and inviting passersby to engage in discussions about the topic.

"If people cannot handle a fair and open-minded debate they do not have to participate, and the Chico College Republicans would never force someone to."

“Hey folks! Content Warning: Chico State Republican Club is hosting an ‘I'm pro gun, change my mind’ event today (April 2nd) from 9am-3pm by Plumas Hall,” the GSEC wrote, adding, “Please be safe, avoid the area if you need and take care of yourselves!”