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    DNA can tell what religion you are now? Aren't DU'ers supposed to be the smart ones?
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    Quote Originally Posted by BSR View Post
    And very high for someone who's family had no idea they were Jewish. That would mean that her Jewish lineage would have to marry Jews and no one had any idea that they were 100% Jewish on both sides. Every couple of generations would then have married a non-Jew. Everyone involved thinking they were "European Catholics" and not knowing they were 100% Jewish.

    I smell bullshit here.

    We always had suspicions that there were some jewish people in my mom's family's backround, and had it confirmed by a second cousin when she came to the US from Yugoslavia (Tito's people asked her and her husband to leave for teaching anti-communistic theories at the university). My grandpa (her uncle) was describing a traffic situation to us all and referred to the other driver as a "kike". His neice went off on him, told him her mother (his half-sister) went to a concentration camp for working with the underground and that his own maternal grandparents were both jewish. I have never heard him utter that word again.

    We never would have had DNA tests, plus, my maternal grandmother and my dad's people are all WASPs-my paternal grandmother traced her family to Richard Warren, of Plymouth Colony, so there's no way to really be considered jewish by anyone's standards. I'm still giving my sister's kids dreidels for one of their Christmas presents, just for fun, and because I live in an area where there are stores that sell them.
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