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  1. #1 Lower The Voting Age? Newest Teen Fad Is Snorting Condoms 
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    Democrats and other activists have been tirelessly pushing the idea that David Hogg and his fellow media created celebrity school shooting “survivors” are proof that it’s time to lower the voting age to 16 because as they would tell you, these kids are wise beyond their years.

    The one thing that the liberals have on their side is that the majority of Americans are gullible, low-information types who actually believe the Hoggwash that they are fed by CNN and other corrupt propaganda transmission stations and I am speaking of the adults. There is limitless potential with children who are even more susceptible to lies and indoctrination than their elders who don’t need any help in showing that the satirical movie “Idiocracy” was actually prophetic.

    While Hogg and friends have been hailed as mature enough to lecture their elders on complicated matters of political policy and constitutional principles, it is very important to recall that it was only a few short months ago that this same generation was being widely mocked and denounced by even the mainstream media for their idea that eating Tide laundry detergent pods was cool.

    Hey, fads come and go and we should all be thankful that despite the promotion of Hogg and friends as proof that the voting age is too restrictive that reality has just intruded with the latest craze from this greatest of generations – snorting freaking condoms!
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    18 is the right age for adult rights and responsibilities to kick in. Except drinking, I'd need to see some current DUI statistics for the 18-21 year old drivers before making a fair judgement on lowering it back to 18 from 21.
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    That particular “snorting” phenomenon is 4-5 years old. It’s just that the vids (circa 2013-15) have been rediscovered.

    Warning - sickening images
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    At least they are snorting new ones.
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