Sixth foot washes up in B.C.Foot appears to have been 'sawn off'
Photo: IslanderPolice carry a foot, found Wednesday, near Campbell River, B.C. in a plastic container.

VANCOUVER -- Yet another human foot encased in a running shoe has washed up on B.C.'s south coast, intensifying a macabre mystery that has flummoxed police and forensic investigators.

It's the second foot to turn up this week and the sixth in less than a year.

Wednesday's discovery on Vancouver Island is the most gruesome. The man-sized right foot appeared to have been sawn from its owner's leg.

Unlike the others that have been found, including one discovered Monday near Vancouver, this one was not detached at the ankle joint; there was no evidence of disarticulation.

"It was cut clean, about three or four inches above the ankle bone. It was definitely severed, like it had been sawn off," said Sandra Malone, manager of Thunderbird RV Park and Campground in Campbell River, about 260 kilometres north of Victoria.

Ms. Malone was working what she thought was a routine shift at the RV park on Wednesday morning when a local woman approached her, obviously distraught. "She said she'd been collecting rocks for a craft project when she saw a shoe lying on the beach, just above the high-tide mark," recalled Ms. Malone. "She wasn't sure, but she thought there was a foot inside it."

Ms. Malone followed her down to the beach. The shoe-clad foot was lying in plain view. "I could see two white bones sticking out of a black sneaker. The bones didn't have any flesh on them but they didn't look that old. The shoe was in pretty good condition but there was a lot of seaweed around it," said Ms. Malone.