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  1. #1 Arizona Supreme Court strikes down in-state tuition for 'dreamers' 
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    Arizona Supreme Court strikes down in-state tuition for 'dreamers'

    Arizona colleges can't give in-state tuition to young immigrants covered under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled Monday.

    The court issued a brief decision order saying justices unanimously agreed with the Arizona Court of Appeals' ruling that said existing federal and state laws don't allow the Maricopa Community Colleges to grant in-state tuition rates for DACA recipients.

    A full opinion further explaining the court's ruling will be released by May 14, the order states.

    The court released the order Monday to allow Maricopa Community Colleges students and the state to have as much time as possible to plan for those affected by the ruling.

    More than 2,000 DACA recipients, commonly referred to as "dreamers," currently attend community college or a state university in Arizona and pay in-state rates. The ruling will make DACA recipients pay much more to attend these schools, as out-of-state rates are about triple the cost of in-state tuition.
    Only idiot liberals think that someone who is NOT a citizen of the United States should pay LESS for college tuition than those who ARE CITIZENS of the United States but live in another state than the one they are attending college in.

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    1. Come on

    Who didn't see this coming? It's Arizona, and not known for actually liking people of color...if they could, conservative whites would take away rights from anyone who didn't meet their color standards!!!
    When they can't defend their beliefs, values and policy desires with common sense, facts, evidence and/or the law they claim 'racism'.
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    2. And the TeaBillies strike again.
    Yes, they are striking down the demanding they stay within the LAW.

    And because it was Arizona there was less chance that there would be a libtard activist judge who decided to rule based on his/her feeeeelings and then rationalizing that it was 'racism' and 'unconstitutional' because of the individuals/states motivations based on their interpretation of them.
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    A unanimous decision? Can any multi-judge court be unanimous about anything more complex than what to have for lunch? Obviously, this ruling has nothing to do with racism and everything to do with existing Arizona law.

    Here's a list of the current justices of the Arizona State Supreme Court:

    Chief Justice - Scott Bales, appointed by Janet Napolitano

    Vice Chief Justice - Robert M. Brutinel

    Associate Justice - John Pelander

    Associate Justice - Ann Timmer

    Associate Justice - Clint Bolick

    Associate Justice - Andrew Gould

    Associate Justice - John Lopez IV

    Anyone else see the problems with DU-morons' knee-jerk wolf-cry of RACISM!?
    Facts don't matter to DUpipo.

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    Proving once again that liberals want & care much more about illegal immigrants than anyone born here into poverty.

    Screw you all.
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    Who didn't see this coming? It's Arizona, and not known for actually liking people of color.
    it's not about color. It's about legal standing in this Country.
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    The Dreamers can move to CA, where they won't have that issue.

    States have the right to do what they want with their money, to a certain degree. If AZ wants to make illegal immigrants pay out of state tuition, than they can do that-unless it's federal money that is earmarked for dreamers. Then they have to use that money for what it is intended for, or not take it/give it back.
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