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  1. #1 Manchin Repeatedly Said He Was Against Border Wall, Now Denies It 
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    That same day Politico reported that Manchin was opposed to the idea of a wall.

    "Even the most conservative Democrat in the Senate, Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, who has allied himself with Trump on other issues, said he’s ‘not been supportive of funding for a wall,'" Politico wrote.

    Manchin was quoted as saying the wall was "something I have no interest in."

    "It’s something I have no interest in," Manchin said. "I just think we have so many other pressing problems and I think there’s other ways immigration needs to be treated."

    This was not a new position for Manchin—three months earlier he interrupted a questioner to say, "I'm not voting for the wall."
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    I don't care what he said then or now. I want what many Senators and Representatives in both parties fear most: A roll call vote on the wall, the lottery and chain migration.
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