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  1. #1 Twenty-eight Green TreeHumping groups compiled 359 pages of Suggested Regulations . 
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    Environmentalists See Golden Opportunity in Obama Administration

    "Forget Any New Oil Drilling In America with these Enviro Weanies,Freeze in the Dark America !"

    Activists are hoping the incoming administration will address environmental concerns they feel president Bush ignored.

    High on the Christmas wish list for Jim and other environmentalists is fixing Tar Creek by restoring the Superfund with fees on polluting companies. Such funding would also help clean up some 1,200 other languishing sites nationwide -- and that's just the beginning.

    Obama's Climate PlanAn enormous environmental tally awaits the incoming administration of Barack Obama. After an eight-year pitched battle with the Bush administration, environmentalists see a golden opportunity to begin making progress on issues ranging from climate change and water pollution to mountaintop-removal coal mining and energy efficiency in autos and buildings.

    The massive environmental mountain awaiting Obama's administration is chronicled in a 359-page wish list of hundreds of problems the environmental community is eager to start addressing once President Bush leaves town.

    High on the list is retightening regulations made lax in myriad ways or even gutted during the Bush years to favor industry, these greens say.
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    This is what happens when people flunk out of law school after smoking too much dope-they come up with crazy crap like this.
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    When is it open season on enviroweenies?
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